2022 Top Dog: Karryn Lamp


Caly Lantz, Reporter

Senior Karryn Lamp got a bit of a late start to the Lakeview School District as she became a Bulldog just 5 years ago. However, switching schools did not set her back or hinder her from flourishing. Karryn was quick to get involved, taking part in several clubs and sports throughout her time at Lakeview High including  Spanish club, Cross-country, Track, Women’s choir, Madrigal feast, where she played the role of a jester, Writers Club, English Festival, and Girls Weight Lifting. 

However, out of all the clubs and teams she was a part of, Assemble For Change is the club Karryn has a passion for as she stuck with it for all four years of high school. Lamp commented, “I love making changes to the school for the student body because each generation is different and deserves the best.” 

Lamp’s closest friends include senior Katie Dean and senior Olivia Yuhas. When asked about their time together she had a lot to say! 

Lamp writes, “The best time of the day when we were underclassmen was lunchtime. In fact, this is where I met my friends in the first place, we would always tell stories and jokes around the table. My favorite memory is when we all sat at the lunch table and “compared” homework answers or frantically studied for a Spanish test and quizzed each other because we all managed to forget we had a test.” 

Yuhas had nothing but great things to say about Lamp as a friend commenting, “I would say that Karryn is by far one of the sweetest, funniest, and overall best people I know. I have had the honor of knowing her since 8th grade in which I’ve been able to watch her grow into the wonderful and capable young woman she is today.” 

Yuhas went on to emphasize their friendship saying “She has always been such a great friend through both the good and bad times. I can truly say she has made each day of mine a little brighter just by being in it.” 

Following her time at Lakeview High School, Lamp has some big plans! She will be attending Fairmont State University in West Virginia to major in Forensic Science. 

Lamp far exceeds the academic expectations of a Lakeview Bulldog. She has earned an academic letter, two gold bars, from YSU Dean’s list and the Presidents list. She strives every day to be her best and it shows in her academic achievements. 

When asked about her best piece of advice for underclassmen she writes, “High school may seem stressful but if you just turn in most of your homework assignments and do a little work outside of school it seems less daunting. Don’t forget to have fun and take as many opportunities to learn and enjoy high school as possible.” 

To end her senior year off right, Karryn has spent her time “working a lot but I have also spent time hanging out with my friends and going to the lake to watch the sunset quite a bit.” 

Karryn will celebrate her journey, achievements, and future by having a graduation party over the summer with all of her friends and family. 

To close, Lamps tells us what she will miss most about Lakeview Local School District which is, “The people. I will miss the people at Lakeview the most, my friends and even the teachers have been so considerate and generous.” 

As Lamp ventures into the next chapter, there is no doubt that she will succeed with her bubbly personality, hard work, and strength in academics. 

Good Luck Karryn, and enjoy your next four years at Fairmont State University!