2022 Top Dog: Isaac Lezaic


Isabella Shuster, Reporter

Bulldogs, let me introduce you to our new top dog, Isaac Lezaic. This Bulldog has always found ways to keep high school fun and exciting! Isaac is an amazing student so let’s take a look at all the great things he’s done throughout high school. 

Lakeview’s Sr. Bulldog Isaac Lezaic made friendship his priority. When asked what Lezaic will miss most about Lakeview he said “Seeing my friends daily. I don’t want to leave them but I know that even if we don’t see each other every day we will still remain great friends.”

Lezaic has been attending Lakeview for all 12 years of his education and throughout his time the memories and friendships he has made will be with him forever.

This Bulldog has great advice for his underclassmen that will definitely be helpful. Lezaic was told to give advice about school to the younger classes and this is what he had to say: “Don’t be hung up on things the first few years of high school because those years really aren’t that serious.” 

Lezaic’s main goal was to graduate from Lakeview High School and have fun while doing it. 

Lezaic’s best friend throughout high school would have to be Sarah Osika. These two are an inseparable pair and one wouldn’t be seen without the other.

“He’s the kind of friend that becomes family.”, says Osika. Their favorite memory together would be “Getting ready together and going to junior prom then getting yelled at because I was giving him a piggyback ride.”

Lezaic responded, “I have had so many great moments with Sarah that it’s really hard to pinpoint it down to just one thing honestly. I feel like every time I am with her is just a great moment.”

These are the kind of friendships that can only be found at Lakeview. 

Our top dog will be attending Kent State to study film. He was mainly pulled towards Kent because “I like the idea of being able to finally be independent and be on my own.” With this degree, Lezaic hopes to “get a job so I can live comfortably with it”. 

Another one of Lezaic’s amazing friends is Emily Kensky. When asked about Lezaic, Emily said, “All my best memories are with Isaac and I’m glad that I can call him a friend.” As you can see the relationships that Isaac has made are unbreakable. 

As the school year is coming to an end, Lezaic has been focusing on preparing for college and getting ready to say his heartfelt goodbyes to his amazing friends. Before he says those difficult goodbyes, he plans on having one last great summer with all his friends from Lakeview High School. We wish Isaac the best of luck and can’t wait to see what incredible things he will achieve.