2022 Top Dog: Nick Dorma


Michael Horn, reporter

Nicholas Dorma has gone to Lakeview Local Schools for the entirety of his schooling years. Nick has been one of the more active students around the school, so we wanted to catch up with him and ask him some things before he leaves. We also were able to chat with some of his friends and asked them some questions about Nick.

Nick has been a 3-year varsity letter award winner in men’s soccer and has been a great athlete for the school. He is a leader for the team. Along with this, he has been very involved with other sporting events and always shows his school spirit. He makes sure to attend all of the sporting events he can. And always dressing with the theme of the student section.

Also, Nick is a member of the Lakeview High School publishing team, which includes writing articles for The Bulldog Bulletin and creating the yearbook. Nick was also a member of Spanish Club during his 3 years of Spanish class.

After high school Nick plans to attend Kent State University to study sports administration and marketing. Nick hopes to find a job in the sports world and work for the marketing team.

First we asked Nick some questions about his Lakeview High School experience. We asked him what made his high school experience so memorable.

Nick responded, “Definitely my friends. We always were having fun or laughing or doing something stupid to make things enjoyable. The friends I met here will probably be my friends for after high school too so you know they are good friendships. That’s what made high school fun for me.”

After Nick explained to us what he loved most about high school. We caught up with his friends that he was talking about. We first asked Senior, Ryan Kurtz, what is one thing you will remember most about Nick?

Ryan explain, “Nick was always able to make us laugh. He has a natural sense of humor and makes everyone around him laugh.

This seemed to be a common theme when we asked people about Nick Dorma. Almost everyone explained how he knew how to make everyone laugh. So we wanted to ask some people different things about Nick. We asked Senior, Nick Basile, what are some things about Nick that stick out to you?

Basile responded, “Nick knows how to treat people kindly. He has always been a nice person and treats everyone with respect. I can see Nick going far in the world because he is just a very likable person. He always is in a good mood and someone you know you can have a good conversation with. He is really easy to talk to.”

Nick’s kind character has made in impression on people that last. We finally decided to chat with Senior, Landon Farr. Farr is a member on the men’s soccer team. We asked Farr, how has Nick been as a teammate?

Farr responded, “Nick has been a real role model for us. He has a winner’s mentality and is always leading the team. He really cares about the sport and always tries his hardest, which I respect. He has been playing soccer for forever and it shows. The Lakeview soccer team is really going to miss him once he graduates because he makes the program better for sure. I have nothing but good things to say about Nick.”

Nick has been a wonderful student at Lakeview High School and it will definitely miss him. He has put his heart and commitment into academics and athletics and it will continues into his adult years. Good Luck Nick!