2022 Top Dog: Kylie Matteotti


Kaylee Miller, Reporter

Senior Bulldog Kylie Matteotti has been a Bulldog for 13 years now. Matteotti is known for her humor and caring personality for all. She has always had a great drive and ambition to do well in school and in life in general. Matteotti has made some amazing memories while at Lakeview High School, and will never forget her time as a student here.

Along with being in many clubs, Matteotti also took part in track and soccer during her high school career. Her favorite sports memory is going to states in 2021. Matteotti states, ”My favorite sports memory would have to be going to states for the 4x100m relay. Being with my team and experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity together was unforgettable, and is something I will remember for the rest of my life.”

As crazy as it is being a senior, it is important to slow down and remember all the great times you had while in high school.  Matteotti wants to make sure that the underclassmen understand the importance of not taking these years for granted. She says, ¨If I could go back to freshman year, I would not take a single moment for granted. Most people can not wait to graduate, but you don’t realize how much you will miss even the littlest moments.” 

Friendship is definitely something that got Matteotti through the hard times of school, and life outside of the classroom. She has made some very valuable friends during her time at Lakeview high school and says that these friendships will last long after she goes to college. One thing Matteotti will remember about Lakeview is the amazing bonds that she has made since Kindergarten, as well as growing up with all of her amazing classmates. While Matteotti is sad to leave these friends behind she will always cherish the memories that she has made with them, and is looking forward to creating more bonds like these in the future.

Regarding friendships, Matteotti states, “I would not be the person I am today without my friends, what makes me sadder than graduating, is the thought that I might not see some of these people again. No matter how close I am with the people in my grade, I have grown up with them and watched them all turn into amazing people with such bright futures ahead of them.”

There is no doubt that Covid- 19 did not take a toll on the Class of 2022. From sophomore to senior year, they have seen and been affected by the ugly side of this disease. With almost half of their high school career being taken by Covid, they are just thankful they have a normal ending to their senior year.

The seniors try their hardest to not let the past affect them. Matteotti says, “Thankfully, covid has not taken over much of my senior year. I am just happy to have school in-person, along with most school events, such as sporting events and school dances.” 

It´s hard to stay motivated through these tough times that we are in but Matteotti says the people who have inspired her the most are, ¨my teachers because they have been there for her not only in high school but since the first day of kindergarten. Lakeview has the most supportive and caring staff, who have made my education so much easier and enjoyable.” 

Matteotti is looking forward to the future and plans on attending Youngstown State University to major in early childhood education. Lakeview is wishing Matteotti good luck and congratulating her on all her accomplishments. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future!!