2022 Top Dog: Caly Lantz


Carly Hawn, Reporter

This senior spotlight will focus on Bulldog Caly Lantz as she prepares for graduation this May. Lantz has attended the Lakeview Local Schools district for six years now, joining our community in sixth grade. Although she was a new student at the time, Lantz had no problem making friends and soon became an integral part of the Lakeview High School senior class. 

Throughout her high school career, Lantz has been extremely active in both her school and community. Lantz has at one point or another, participated in the volleyball team, the softball team, youth led prevention, Senior BETA, National Honors Society, and youth group through her church. Lantz also works as a barista at our Cortland Starbucks!

Lantz is also extremely talented academically. She is a regular member of the honor roll, and has also received multiple academic letters. On top of her academic achievements, Lantz is a varsity softball letter winner, and was elected to be our National Honors Society secretary. She was also voted “Most Likely to Make Your Day” by her fellow Senior Bulldogs. 

While Lantz has made plenty of precious memories during her time here at Lakeview High School, her favorite ones are spent with her friends.

“Cole and I went sledding once, and our car got stuck on the way,” she tells me. “We had to hitch a ride from strangers! It was funny. We also go to Starbucks almost every Friday and it’s a good time, I look forward to it.”

One of Lantz’s best friends, Senior Bulldog Cole Travaglino, will miss the times he spent with Lantz once they move into the next chapters of their lives.

Caly is one of my best friends,” he says. “I’ve made so many memories with her over the years, and I can’t wait to make more the rest of the school year and summer.”

Travaglino isn’t the only one who made great memories with Lantz, as Senior Bulldog Hailee Hoover also had some memorable moments to share. 

Caly Lantz is one of the best people all around,” she describes. “Having been friends with her for a while, it is safe to say that Caly will always be one of the first people to brighten your day. Caly’s kindness and consideration is one of her attributes which make her unforgettable. If you are ever in need of a friend, you can always count on Caly.

Lantz is also excited to make new memories with her close friends over the summer, before everyone goes their separate ways. This summer is her final chance to do so, so she hopes to have a great time during the next three months. 

“I LOVE traveling,” she emphasized, which can be seen in her previous trip to Florida during the earlier half of the semester.

Once Lantz leaves the halls of Lakeview High School, she plans to attend Liberty University, a private school located in Virginia.

She explains, “I hope to become a child life specialist by obtaining a degree in psychology.

When faced with the reality that she is moving on into the next chapter of her life, Lantz wants to leave some good advice behind for her younger Bulldogs.

To the underclassmen, Lantz says, “Don’t care what others think about you! Seriously. You may think that other people care, but honestly, they don’t. Do whatever makes YOU happy.”

Lantz says that out of everything she’s experienced in her time at Lakeview High School, “I will probably miss football games and homecoming the most.

The Lakeview community will definitely miss Lantz once she graduates, but we at The Bulldog Bulletin wish her the best of luck with her future endeavors.