2022 Top Dog: Brian Thomas


Tristan Beil, Reporter

Lakeview high school Senior Brian Thomas has been a student at Lakeview for 9 years! During those 9 years he has given Lakeview a plethora of his talents including his musical talent in band and acting talent in drama club.

In an interview with Thomas he was asked what activities he did as a senior and why, he responded with, “I participated in drama club because I love being on stage and I love the cast and crew.”

Thomas continued with, “I also came back to varsity bowling. I regret missing my junior year, however, it was what I needed. And coming back to the team was like coming home from vacation, it was where I needed to be. I also stuck with band this year as well because I love music and joined jazz ensemble blue. I’ve loved jamming out on sax everyday.

This can be attested to by anyone who knows Thomas, he can be seen throughout his high school career as a person of great talent, not only for participating in the fine arts, but also accelerating in them.

When Thomas was asked about the activities in other years of high school he said, “I did track from 7th grade through 11th. However, due to COVID I was snubbed a 4- year letter award and even more unfortunate just lost the drive to do it entirely”. 

We also asked Thomas who his best senior friends at Lakeview were, he responded with, “Chris Bowman, Anna Kolonich, Cade Cratsley, and Aiden Woofter.” 

Thomas also said, “Last summer we formed a band, and playing together with those talented individuals was the most fun I think I’ve ever had.

This gives great testament to Thomas’ musical talent, as well to his creative nature, as it takes both of those things to take part in a band.

When Thomas was asked about who his best Underclass friends were he responded with, “Cooper Schiavone”. He continued with, “Coop is always a handful, and every time I see him or pick him up for school it is always a great time”.

Thomas also said, “Ashley Graczyk because Ashley has always been one of the nicest people I’ve met. I think my favorite memory with her was the car ride down to Columbus for thespians when she spotted a Costco and absolutely lost her mind.

Thomas finished answering by saying, “Jason Harrington, I met Jason during marching band my junior year. He is an insanely entertaining individual who has a unique fascination with music and is very talented. My favorite memory was marching band with him and a fellow Tenor Squad member, Dom Aliesch”. 

We asked Thomas what his plans were after graduation from Lakeview he said, “I’m going to Full Sail University for a film bachelors.”

Hearing him say this was great, as we know he will do great things with what he has already shown us at Lakeview with his talent in drama club.

Thomas had some words of wisdom for those underclassmen below him, “You are all insanely talented individuals in your own regards, if you find something you love, never give it up”.

Speaking about awards he acquired throughout high school, Thomas said he was able to attain a $25,000 creative minds scholarship and a $2,000 dedication scholarship both in his senior year. He is also a two year varsity award holder for track and bowling.

When not involved in a school activity Thomas has been working hard to try and financially and mentally prepare for college.

We ended our interview with Thomas by asking what he will miss most here at Lakeview and he answered, “All of my friends I have made throughout my high school life.

From everyone here at Lakeview we know Thomas is going to do great things in this world. He has proven to be a kind hearted, creative individual that can succeed greatly in what he does. This can be seen with everything from his musical talent, to his drama club experience, bowling, and much more. Good luck in all your future endeavors!