2022 Top Dog: Allison Redman


Brynn Yale, Reporter

Senior Allison Redman has been a Bulldog since preschool. For being a Bulldog for 13 years, Redman is known for her energetic and cheery personality for all. Even though there have been many unexpected things that have happened this year, Redman looks for the positive in everything and wants to continue doing so in her last months at Lakeview.

The thing about the ’22 class is that they love to get involved with other grade levels and help them with their school work, such as Redman said, “I have been in Senior Beta since freshman year and was in Junior Beta starting in seventh grade. I stayed in Senior Beta because of the community service activities and the opportunities to give back to the community. In my senior year, I joined Bulldog Buddies and tutored middle school students. I wanted to try something new and I wanted to have tutoring skills as a high schooler that I could use in college.

Moving forward, Redman wants to remember her times at Lakeview as being some of the best moments of her early career. She wants to make sure that the underclassmen understand the importance of not taking these years for granted. Redman says, ¨A piece of advice I give to underclassmen is to always get your work done as best as you can and on time during the week so you have more time on the weekends to make high school memories. It is important to have a memorable high school experience as well as receive good grades to receive money for your education past high school.”

The one thing Redman is most thankful for is the memories she has made with her friends and how much they have helped her through high school. Redman says that, “I am not close with many of my classmates but I will miss seeing them and having fun conversations with them.¨

Another one of her friends Carly Hawn who is also a senior says, ¨Allison and I have known each other for years, and she’s always been someone you can depend on. I’ve made a lot of memories with her that I’m going to miss next year.”

As summer is around the corner, graduation parties are a fun way for seniors to celebrate their biggest achievement. Such as Redman is planning on “...having a graduation party to bring together my family and friends. I want to have a time and place where I can have the group of people who built me into who I am today to celebrate the accomplishment with me by eating good food and desserts.

Redman is looking forward to the future and plans on attending Hiram College to major in Biochemistry to become a medical Researcher. Lakeview is wishing Redman good luck and congratulating her on all her accomplishments. We can´t wait to see what you can make happen in the future!!