2022 Top Dog: Gavin Mauger


Nate Fox, Reporter

Gavin Mauger is the next senior to step under the spotlight as we dive into his time as Bulldog. Mauger has been a part of Lakeview Schools since starting school in kindergarten and his time here will soon be coming to an end.

During his time at Lakeview, Mauger has been a member of the football, basketball, and baseball teams. Within these sports Mauger is a 4 year letter winner in football, a 3 year winner in baseball, and a 1 year winner in basketball.

Mauger is also a very dedicated student as he has been a part of honor roll every year of high school as well as a member of National Honor Society and student council.

As such an active member in the Lakeview community, Mauger is prone to build strong relationships with those around him. One of these relationships are with fellow Senior Blaine Barr. When I asked Barr about his relationship with Mauger, he said, “I have been friends with Gavin for a long time. We played basketball together when we were younger and have had a strong bond since then. Gavin is one of my best friends and I’m so glad to have someone like him with me throughout high school and just life in general.”

The majority of Mauger’s friendships have been formed through sports. Some of Mauger’s best friends include his fellow senior football players. These being Nate Fox, Evan Davies, Colton Maiorca, and Glenn Tolliver. Mauger claims that his favorite moments with them are the “memories we made throughout the season and bonds we developed with each other.”

Playing sports in high school may also help you form bonds with students from other grade levels as well. When asked about who one of his best underclassmen friends and his favorite part of their friendship, Mauger replied, “Tyler Hovance, football season and the times we spent lifting together are some of my favorite memories I have with him.”

Continuing on the topic of friendships, another one of Mauger’s close friends gave us some insight on him as a friend. Fellow Senior Nate Fox had nothing but good things to say about Mauger when we asked him about their relationship throughout their time together at Lakeview. Fox said, “Gavin has been one of my best friends since middle school. We have tons of memories together inside and outside of sports. He is just all around a great friend and person and I’m glad we’ve been close for as long as we have.” Fox and Mauger did not form their bond through sports, but it certainly helped it to get stronger and to the point they are at now.

Mauger has also formed strong bonds within the 4 years of high school. One of these relationships coming with fellow Senior Cassidy Hluchan. Hluchan and Mauger became very close during their sophomore year of high school and haven’t looked back since. According to Hluchan, “Gavin is such an amazing person overall. His work ethic is unlike anyone’s I’ve ever met before and he always looks at the bright side in every situation. I couldn’t have asked to meet anyone better throughout my high school journey.” 

While Mauger is leaving Lakeview soon, he will definitely leave a mark on our school and is someone that the underclassmen will look up to as a role model. Some advice Mauger wants to leave behind for the younger students of Lakeview is to “work hard and have fun.” As a high school student, you don’t want to waste these 4 years without enjoying them.

Mauger has definitely followed this advice throughout high school and he will continue to follow it as he enters the next step in his life. He will be attending Grove City College to study business and continue his football career.

We wish Mauger all the best in his future endeavors.