2022 Top Dog: Jake Wilms


Michael Horn, reporter

Jake Wilms moved to Lakeview Local Schools in middle school and has been at Lakeview ever since. He plans to attend the University of Akron after high school and plans to study chemical engineering. Jake has always enjoyed math and hopes to find a career in that area. Jake is a multi-sport athlete earning him varsity letters in basketball, golf, baseball, and football. He has been a very good athlete for the school and achieved many things. Along with this Jake is the president of student council, a member of Senior Beta, National Honors Society, Honors graduate, and maintains a 4.0 GPA. First we asked Jake how Lakeview made an impact in his life?

Jake responded, “The way of life at Lakeview is very different. We are held to high standard. Whether that is academics, or sports, or anything in general. The teachers and staff always expect the best out of us and I feel like that has pushed me in a good way. Lakeview is a big part of who I am.”

After chatting to Jake about what Lakview has done for him. We wanted to talk to some of Jake’s friends to ask them a few questions about Mr. Wilms. First we were able to catch up with fellow golf and baseball teammate, freshman, Jason DeMonica. We asked Jason, how has Jake been as a teammate?

Jason said, “Jake has been a real leader for all the sports teams he has been on. He always leads by example and gives full effort all the time. He is also just a good teammate and friends. Its fun to be on a team with Jake. He is just a good guy and makes the locker room atmosphere a better place as a whole. Lakeview sports are going to definitely miss Jake’s impact as he graduates.”

After we were able to talk to Jason about Jake’s impact in the sports world, we wanted to talk to some of his friends about Jake’s character. So we found one of Jake’s friends, senior, Landon Maderitz. We asked Maderitz to describe Jake as person to us.

Maderitz explained, “Jake has been a really good and reliable friends to me and many others. He is an honest person who you always know you can count on. Also he is just found to hang out with. He is a funny guy and very enjoyable to talk to. Jake has definitely been a very good friend to me.”

After we were able to talk to Landon we wanted to ask one more person about Jake. We wanted to ask a fellow classmate how Jake has been inside the classroom. So we decided to ask Cade Cratsley how Jake has been inside the classroom.

Cade answered, “Jake is always fun to have in your class. He is nice to everyone and is very fun to talk to during class. Along with this he is good to have as a partner for group projects because he is always willing to put his share of the work into the project. Overall, very good peer and classmate.”

Jake has been a Lakeview bulldog for a while and he will always carry the Lakeview spirit with him.  Jake has enjoyed his time at Lakeview and said he will remember all of the fun times he had here. Lakeview has made a lasting impression on Mr. Wilms that will most definitely help him as he moves into his adult years. Jake Wilms will soon be walking across the graduation stage and his time at Lakeview will be over. So, we wish Mr. Wilms good luck and goodbye!