2022 Top Dog: Jessica Riley


Carly Hawn, Reporter

This article will illuminate the extremely influential Bulldog, Jessica Riley. Riley has attended the Lakeview Local School District for the majority of her life, being a part of the school system for ten years and joining the Lakeview Class of 2022 in the second grade. 

In this time, Riley has remained one of, if not the most active participant in our district and community. To list all of her commitments and contributions, Riley has been a part of: Assemble for Change, Drama Club, the GSA, Track and Field, French Club, Cross Country, Writing Club, Senior BETA, and finally, the Lakeview High School Marching Band where she served as drum major. Riley was also nominated by her fellow Senior Bulldogs to serve as the Senior Class President.

Riley is the recipient of a multitude of academic awards as well, including multiple academic letters and scholarships, as well as the Patrick Gilmore band award.

The GSA is a group that is especially important to Riley, where she assumes an integral leadership role.

She explains:  “I stayed in the GSA because it was something I worked so hard to create. I wanted to see a positive change and clearer representation of diversity at Lakeview, but that wasn’t going to happen without someone stepping up to do something. The GSA has been running for about four to five years now, and each year it continues to grow more and more. I’m glad I stayed with it because I know it means a lot to kids who aren’t entirely confident in their identities.”

Riley is also grateful for the opportunities she received as a part of the marching band.

She states, “It built my confidence of who I am and what I am capable of. I was given so many opportunities to better myself and my skills. Band is also where I made the most friends and memories.”

When she’s not roaming the halls of Lakeview High School or participating in her many extracurriculars, Riley enjoys working at her job as Kitchen Manager at The Cake Boutique, something not many high school students can boast of.

Riley describes, “I practically spent most of my free time there during high school whether it was just to pick up a few hours, improve my baking skills, or just to make something fun for my friends. I love working there and will miss everyone when I leave for college.”

Riley will cherish the memories she’s made through her time at Lakeview High School.

One of her favorites that she shared with her friends was “going to Cedar Point’s Halloweekend after Homecoming,” she says. “I don’t know why, but apparently I was just an easy target to scare because the amount of times I screamed was unreal. My friends just laughed at my anguish.”

One of the friends she’s shared many fun times with is Senior Olivia Remmick. 

“She is very adventurous and will try anything once,” Remmick describes. “Don’t be intimidated by her tough exterior because once you get to know her she’s extremely caring and a great friend. Well, maybe be a little intimidated.”

Another important friend who has shared her life with Riley is her best friend, Senior Emily Bennett.

Bennett explains, “Spending my time with Jessie really helped make high school as special as it was for me. Her passion and care behind everything she does is inspiring, and she is not leaving Lakeview the same place that it was when she entered. From the GSA to actions as Class President, she has helped make the school its best self.”

Not only will Riley miss her best friends in the senior class, but she will also never forget the underclassmen she leaves behind. 

She tells me, “Lea Fabry and Alex Marra remind me so much of how me and my best friend acted when we were young/their age. It’s so funny, but at the same time I love to see a relationship in another class similar to what I have with my friend.

For these underclassmen, Riley has some advice that she hopes they take to heart in their upcoming school years at Lakeview.

She wants them to know, “Please just keep your head up. High school can be really stressful, but don’t let it get to you. Be confident in who you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be yourself and don’t change for anyone.”

Riley has giant plans for the future, which first involve making the move to the state of New York.

“After I graduate I plan on attending the Culinary Institute of America in New York,” she says. “There I will hopefully obtain my bachelor’s degree in Business management in Baking and Pastry arts.”

Wherever her life takes her, we at The Bulldog Bulletin wish Riley the best for her future endeavors.