2022 Top Dog: Anna Kolonich


Colin Oaks, Reporter

This senior spotlight illuminates the role model Bulldog that is Anna Kolonich. She has attended the Lakeview school district all of her life, but her long journey will come to an end when she graduates at the end of this semester. Kolonich is a very active member of the community, taking part in band, and the National Honor Society.  Her favorite activity throughout high school was most definitely band.

Kolonich states that, “band has given me a sense of community,  I also feel passion for music. There is something about becoming emotionally involved with what I am producing, and having fun with the people around me while I play.” 

Kolonich is a very talented musician who currently holds the position of band council president. Kolonich states that, “Being band council president has also given me a sense of leadership I thoroughly enjoy.”

Having this position of leadership has put Kolonich in a role to mentor underclassmen to help them become the best musicians possible. This is a challenge Kolonich has embraced, stating that she, “had a lot of fun with the drumline over the summer. Watching the underclassmen grow into amazing musicians has been one of the most rewarding parts of being a leader in the band.”

Kolonich plans to turn her passion for music into a career in the future, she plans on attending Akron University to study music education. 

Along with being a talented musician, Kolonich is also a very talented student in the classroom. Kolonich received an academic letter throughout all four years of her high school career. This impressive work ethic in the classroom paid dividends as Kolonich was awarded the Presidential Scholarship from Akron University, along with the Music Honors Scholarship from Akron University. Along with that, Kolonich will graduate with an honors diploma from Lakeview High School and the state of Ohio. 

When asked about her favorite high school memories two came to mind. The first being  “rushing out of school to go to a concert in Cleveland or Pittsburgh” and the second is “all of the Dunkin dates second period with Grace Mazur. We both get up early and rush to Dunkin before our third period starts, it’s always a fun time!”

Kolonich is someone who has made a lasting impression on both students and faculty at Lakeview High School. 

Senior Cade Cratsley states that “Anna has always been there for me when I needed her! She knows great leadership and knows how to put a smile on your face. I know she will do great things in the future.” 

Senior Grace Mazur states “She’s an awesome person to hangout with! She’s funny, talented, and overall a positive influence on the people around her :).”

Senior Olivia Remmick states “Anna is a great friend and always helps lighten the mood, and even though Anna and I disagree about our music tastes, she is a very talented musician, even if she likes Dave Matthew’s Band”

It’s safe to say that Kolonich is a person with good character who’s left a lasting impact

When asked what she would miss most about Lakeview High School, Kolonich said “I will miss our band program and our outstanding band director, Mr. Sensabaugh. Mr. Sensabaugh has been one of the best mentors to me during my junior and senior years. I know I can always come to him when I need advice, even if it is non-musical.”

Whatever Kolonich puts her mind to, she can accomplish. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.