2022 Top Dog: Olivia Yuhas

Tristan Beil, Reporter

Senior Olivia Yuhas has been a student at Lakeview schools for 11 years. During this time she has been a student of great dedication and proficiency which can be seen in the numerous activities she participated in such as Bulldog Buddies and varsity tennis!

We started off our interview with Yuhas by asking what activities she has done throughout highschool and she told us, “During my senior year, I played varsity tennis and volunteered at Bulldog Buddies. I’ve done both of these activities all four year of high school because they brought me so much joy and relaxation.

Along with Yuhas’ participation in varsity tennis and Bulldog Buddies she was also a participant in the Spanish Club Sophomore year!

We continued our interview with Yuhas by asking her who her best senior friends here at Lakeview are. She told us, “My best friends at Lakeview are Katie Dean and Karryn Lamp. The best memories I have with them would be during lunch freshman year, decorating the high school, or playing hide-and-seek around school.” 

After Yuhas’ time at Lakeview she plans on attending Kent State University and studying General Business there. As many know this is a great area to go into with plenty of opportunities, and we know Yuhas will exceed in this area!

Yuhas also had some words of wisdom to offer to underclassmen, “Don’t stress yourself out too much about grades, there is always time to fix them.

Many seniors tend to give the same or very similar advice that Yuhas has offered, if you’re an underclassman, definitely pay attention to this advice, as it is solid advice for any underclassman!

Like many seniors this year, for graduation Yuhas plans to have a small family celebration with a few of her closest friends, rather than a super large party.

Throughout Yuhas’ four years of high school she has been able to obtain honor roll from freshman year to senior year, as well as academic letters from freshman year to senior year! This is a great testament to Yuhas’ great academic ability, as anyone who knows her can recall her intelligence in academics! Her dedication and intelligence we are sure was great help with her assistance given in the bulldog buddies program.

We asked Yuhas if she had any non academic awards as well, she told us, “I earned a four-year varsity letter in Tennis, along with the ‘Most Improved Player’(freshman and sophomore), ‘Rising Star Award’(junior year), and ‘Most Valuable Player’(senior year).

This shows greatly Yuhas’ dedication and proficiency in tennis, as she stuck with it all four years of high school and was able to get several awards pertaining to tennis!

When Yuhas was not in school or involved in any school activities she was hard at work at the Cortland Roller Rink, where she is employed.

To end our interview with Yuhas, we asked her what she would miss most about Lakeview and she responded, “I’ll definitely miss my friends and favorite teachers most of all and all the memories that I’ve made so far.

Speaking with senior Nick Salvato about Yuhas he said, “She’s a great kind hearted person, who I think will do great things after highschool!

Many here at Lakeview would tend to answer the same, as Yuhas stands out as a kind, intelligent, driven individual who we know will do great!

From everyone here at Lakeview we know Yuhas is going to do great things. She has excelled in the academic area as well as being a hard worker in sports with tennis! We can see that her dedication in and outside of the classroom is going to only assist her in future endeavors. Good luck where your future takes you!