2022 Top Dog: Colin Oaks


Blaine Barr, Reporter

Senior Colin Oaks has attended Lakeview for all four years of high school. Oaks played football his whole life until 8th grade, when he decided that it was time to give up the sport and join the bowling team.

Oaks lettered in bowling; he played 3 years after not playing freshman year. Oaks was a favorite on the team and was a really good teammate and was a person you would want to be around.

Oaks will miss more than sports when he graduates this spring. Specifically, he mentions, “I’m gonna miss all my friends and all the memories that we have all made together.”

He also references other events that he enjoyed saying, “I think one of my favorite parts of senior year so far is driving around and hanging with my friends almost everyday I have been with my friends.”

While he will always have fond memories of these moments, he acknowledges that they could have been better saying, “The one and only thing that I hated this year was the mask; the masks were miserable especially when the weather would get hotter and it would make you sweat a lot.”

As far as other things, grades are a big topic. Oaks mentions, “I’ve always given it my all when it comes to the classroom, It was very important to me to have good grades and get into a good college. Also having scholarships so me and my parents didn’t spend too much money on college.”

After graduation, Oaks will attend Kent State University and plans on getting a bachelors in Sports Administration and Business. Oaks plans to move up to Kent and stay in a dorm, though Oaks will be away from Lakeview for 4 years it will always be his home.

The last thing Oaks had to say was, “I’m really gonna miss a lot of people, teachers, friends and etc…. its gonna be tough having my friends that I’ve been friends with for years all go are separate ways, but I will never forget any of them and the memories we made.