2022 Top Dog: Noah White


Damyen Fuchilla, Editor

The newest senior spotlight to add to the collection is Noah White. White is a unique and bright individual. Throughout his time at Lakeview, he has definitely made his presence known in and out of the classrooms. White has attended Lakeview his whole life, although he did attend Warren Harding for half of his Sophomore year. While he also spent his Junior year at TCTC enrolled in the HVAC program, he ultimately decided to return back home to high school to finish out his time at Lakeview. 

White is well known by many teachers and students. Lakeview’s very own student resource officer Brandon Rice was asked about White and had nothing but good things to say. 

Rice said, “Noah is a great student and I have enjoyed watching him grow into a young adult. There is no doubt that Noah will be successful in his future endeavors.” 

While also having many friends, Seniors Tyler Doran, Cal Rinck, and Colton Maiorca also had great things to say about White. 

Rinck stated, “Noah has always been the person who’s cared for me more than anyone else. He can always put a smile on my face. I wish I could do half the things for him that he has done for me.”

Doran had similar things to say, “Noah is a great hilarious guy and anyone that meets him should feel blessed because he is truly one of a kind.”

White had some remarks about memories made with Maiorca and Rinck saying, “Being friends will Cal throughout our high school career was a memory itself.” He followed that up with, “Meeting Colton at the beginning of my senior year and getting to know him was one of the best decisions I have ever made.” 

Not only has he built friendships with many seniors, but he also has created many friendships with some underclassmen as well. 

His closest underclassmen friend would be Freshmen Lacie Diemert. He has made many memories with her but the biggest one he said, “Getting to know her through church and youth group was the biggest memory and it has allowed me to grow a close relationship with her.” 

When Lacie Diemert was asked about White she said. “Being in school with Noah is always great. He has never gone a day without making people laugh whether him being in class or in the hallways.

After high school, White plans on attending Hondros School of Business to become a licensed real estate agent. 

White will hold a graduation party with his close family and friends but the date is still unknown.

Before he graduates from Lakeview he reflects back on his time here. 

When he was asked about what he will miss the most, he said, “I will miss the positive environment every day when you walk into the building. I will also miss officer Rice as he brightened my day every day when I walk through the door.” 

White also had some advice for the underclassmen saying, “Don’t take it for granted. I went to Harding and TCTC, but the staff and environment at Lakeview is just unmatched, and enjoy the time you have while it lasts.” 

Lakeview has made a lasting impression on White as he moves into his adult years. White’s time will soon be over at Lakeview as he walks across the stage in 11 days. Everyone at Lakeview wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors!