LHS Celebrates Spring Spirit Week!


Daylen Chapman, Reporter

Lakeview High school’s spirit weeks are always a great way to get the students involved while allowing them to be creative and fun. Usually, the spirit weeks are right before a school dance or some sort of school event. This year, events slowly returned back to normalcy, and finally this year’s Lakeview juniors and seniors were able to have prom with no restrictions or masks.

Lakeview senior, Carly Hawn, last minute decided to band together with some of her fellow classmates and generate a 2022 Prom spirit week for all grade levels to participate in.

To kick off Monday the theme was BBQ dad vs. Soccer mom. Following on Tuesday was Anything but a Bookbag. Safari day was held Wednesday where the seniors dressed in outfitter gear and the underclassmen dressed as animals. Thursday was dress as your favorite Adam Sandler character. Then to conclude the week, the last day students were encouraged to show up in as much Lakeview gear as possible.

Now let’s take a recap of spirit week. 85 percent of Lakeview students participated in spirit week this year. Looking at some of the stats from the spirit week: 53 percent of the students favorite day was Thursday, dress as your favorite Adam Sandler charter, coming in second was BBQ dad vs. Soccer mom. Out of everyone that participated in spirit week more than half of them were more excited for prom due to spirit week!

BBQ dad vs. Soccer mom was a successful day as many students participated on this day and students had some very creative outfits. Student Avery Jones thought Lola English had the best outfit on that day, “because she had the John Deer hat on and when I walked past her she did the dad wave.” 

LHS student said that senior, Grace Mazur, was best dressed, “because she has giant tongs.”

Someone else said that sophomore Nolan Toth was best dressed, “Nolan had a real good outfit. He had an apron with all the spices in it.” 

Tuesday was a little strange since a lot of kids didn’t have bookbags. Students brought different things from their house to hold all their school supplies in. Stefano Makroglou brought in a manikin to hang his jacket on. Junior Caitlin Mark, said, “Stef had the best item that day because when I first saw him I thought he was carrying another person around with him. It was very different and nothing I have seen done before.” 

Junior Luke Canzonetta said, “Nonda Makroglou had the best bookbag hands down. He brought in a tire and was rolling it down the hallways and all his stuff was just going in a circle and falling out which was really funny to me.”

Another LHS student said, “I think that Kiley Jordan had the best backpack, she brought a cooler and carried it to every class. It held all her stuff and was super funny to see in the hallways.¨ 

On safari day seniors took over with their hunting outfits and the underclassmen were also killing it with their animal outfits as well. Junior, Maddie Matthews, said, ¨One kid kinda looked like a tree, full camo, a little ragged, very funny to see in a school setting.¨ 

In addition, another LHS student said, ¨Tristen Salyard slayed with her cheetah print dress.¨ 

Dress as your favorite Adam Sandler character was the majority favorite and many students participated on this day. Students wore big baggy shorts and a big baggy T-shirt as well but there were some students who really took on the character of Adam Sandler.

Junior Lola English said, ¨Colton Maiorca wore an outfit from the movie “Don’t Mess with the Zohan” he wore short shorts and a crop top with a rainbow on it. It was probably the best custom I saw all day.¨  

LHS student said, ¨I think that Ashley Solis had the best Adam Sandler outfit, she wore a really cool and casual costume, I loved it!¨

The final day of spirit day which was Friday and students were supposed to show up in the most Lakeview spirit as possible. Many students just wore hoodies because it was quite chilly out, but that did not stop the spirit in some students.

LHS student said, ¨I think that Chelsea Dean had the most Lakeview spirit, she had a really cute simple outfit with a lot of Lakeview being represented.¨

Another student said that senior Cade Cratsley showed the most LHS spirit because, ¨he had a whole Lakeview headband, socks, and shirt¨ 

Overall, Lakeview students had a lot of fun during this spirit week. It got the Juniors and Seniors excited for Prom and it was fun to see the students be able to participate in something so fun and see everyone’s smile. Hopefully next year we can have many more spirit weeks!!