Lady Bulldogs Fight for a Good Season


Tara Lytle and Erica Giesey

The 2022 volleyball season has begun and The Lady Bulldogs are back and stronger than ever. The pre-season for the Bulldogs was tough and it got them prepared for the season. The upcoming season will be tough for the Dogs but their hard work will pay off and make the season one of the best yet. 

The seniors this year are Tara Lytle, Maggie Pavlansky, Brooke Schneider, Emma Schmader, and Maddie Bayus. A talented group with good intentions on making this year big. The two captains on this team are seniors Maggie Pavlanksy and Tara Lytle. These two have big expectations for the season this year and will work hard to have the season they want to have.

Senior Maggie Pavlanksy said, “I am super excited about the potential this season has. Our team has worked very hard this summer and we have had a great start to the season! I cannot wait to continue to have a great regular season so we can have the best possible tournament run possible!

Senior Tara Lytle said, “I believe this season will be one of the best seasons that we will have yet, the work we put in will pay off. Us seniors this year are determined to play our hardest to make our last ride the best one yet. “

Senior Brooke Schneider said,  “I am very excited for this season especially since it is our last one. I think this season is going to go very well and I hope we can make the most of it.”

The Lady Bulldogs hold the strong record of being 5-0 right now and expect to continue to be undefeated. The upcoming games will be tough but they are working hard to win the conference. 

Sophomore Reagan Price said, “I am very excited for this volleyball season, and we have a very strong team this year. We started off strong, and I can’t wait to see how much we can accomplish as a team this year. I hope we make improvements from last year and make it a year to remember.”

Along with Price, Sophomore Addison Allen said, “I think we have a great season ahead of us. We’ve already gotten off to a great start, and I think everyone has that winning mindset. I think very good things are coming.”

The coaches for this team have been here for years. The head coach Heather Guthrie has been coaching at lakeview for quite some time now. Nate Mailach, the Jv coach along with assistant varsity, has been here since last year. 

Coach Heather Guthrie states, We are very fortunate to have all of our starters returning this year. Our preseason was full of healthy competition, sweat and laughs. The 5 seniors have really stepped up and made the atmosphere to be super competitive, making sure all the underclassmen play up to their potential every practice.  Looking forward into the season, it is the team’s expectations to win our conference and non-conference games. We need to capitalize on the amount of talent and competitive girls we have on our team. Winning our conference and going far into the playoffs are our goals for this season.”

The Lady Bulldogs have a hard road ahead of them, but they are prepared for every second of it. The hard work this season will pay off and hopefully give the seniors the season they hope for. The hard work that was put in all summer will push the Lady Bulldogs to victory this season. Good luck to the volleyball ladies this season!