The Marching Bulldogs “Get a Move on” on Band Night Season


Brianna Wistar, Reporter

With the start of the new 2022-2023 school year, it also means that the busy season of band nights have begun for the Marching Bulldogs. This year, the marching pride of Cortland performs a unique show entitled “Get a Move On” with unique features such as marching in shapes of a spaceship, a moving train, and percussion making a car out of drums. The Marching Bulldogs have undoubtedly put many hours of rehearsal into their show and with all their performances, their dedication to the show and the marching band do not go unnoticed. 

For the 2022 band night season, the Bulldogs have so far traveled to band nights at Labrae, Howland, and Niles. Later, the marching band will travel to Warren G. Harding for their last band night on September 17th, 2022. The Bulldogs have worked very hard and at each performance, their hard work pays off as the crowd cheers and applauds with support, no matter the location or atmosphere.

Senior percussionist Mackenzee Fox says that her favorite part about performing in a different atmosphere is that for every school, “everyone has different energy and that coming together and cheering is fun” as all the bands strongly support one another and look forward to seeing each other’s new shows at band nights each year.

Freshman majorette Melena Zervas says that her most enjoyable thing about Band Nights would have to be performing on the field because I get to share it with some of my best friends. From the run on, to the majorette features and the closer, my heart feels so full to be a part of something I didn’t know I needed in my life.”

On August 29th, the Lakeview Marching Band hosted their own annual band night with performances from Grand Valley, Labrae, and Howland while also showcasing the Lakeview Future Majorettes who performed with the current 2022 Lakeview Majorettes. The Future Majorettes previously attended an annual camp before band night and then were invited to perform the Alma Mater, the fight song, the National Anthem, and a dance that was choreographed by the majorettes. As the mini majorettes performed, you could see the happiness in their eyes and smiles as they proudly showed off to the audience what they learned at the fundamental camp.

Junior Majorette Elizabeth Fazekas says that she “enjoys performing in front of the crowd and seeing the support that the bands give each other. I loved teaching the mini majorettes and being a mentor to them. It is cool to think that they could be majorettes someday. Overall, I think it was a lot of fun and a great experience.”

As the Bulldogs marched on their home field, you could feel the overwhelming support and love from the community towards the Lakeview Marching Band. As the Bulldogs played with pride, the stands were completely full with loud cheering and smiles that could be seen from all over the stadium.

Senior baritone player Ethan Baker says that the unique thing he enjoys about Lakeview Band night is “how the home crowd reacts. It’s really special performing in front of friends, family, and peers. There’s really no place like home, away games and away band nights are not even close to being compared to Lakeview Band Night.”

Although the end of the 2022 band night season is approaching its end, there are still many opportunities to see the Marching Bulldogs. The Lakeview Marching Band still has numerous football games, halloween parade, and the upcoming quadrennial Disney trip that will take place in November. Best wishes and support towards the Lakeview Marching Band and the seniors on the rest of the 2022-2023 marching band season!