Lakeview Majorettes March to Another Successful Season


Izzy Haines and Ellie Davies

As the school year begins to kickstart, football season has begun. This means the stands at Don Richard’s stadium are gifted with the Lakeview band’s halftime show. One of the main attractions of the show are the majorettes and their shining outfits.

Junior Elizabeth Fazekas says, “It’s a lot of fun to perform every Friday night. I love performing in front of the crowd and seeing their reactions.”

Sophomore Adrienne Rich feels similar to her teammate, “Being in the spotlight every Friday is such an honorable feeling knowing that you are there to support your school and all of the eyes on you in that moment.

Halftime on Friday nights are the time to shine for the majorettes. They never fail to give us a great halftime show and pump us up for the upcoming half of the game. Their positive energy radiates throughout the stands keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

This year’s halftime show has amazed the crowd with the new choreography. Rich states, “My favorite dance this year is Fly by Night because it is such a fun and energetic dance. I also just love the costume for it.” The majorettes execute this dance very well and it seems to be a fan favorite.

It is not easy to be out on the field in front of a crowd. There’s a lot of pressure and it’s very easy to mess up. Our majorettes showcase much needed confidence and skill every time they go out there to perform. They leave their audience star struck with their incredible skills and give us a phenomenal show.

The Majorettes are working on new choreography containing Disney. Fazekas states that “We haven’t learned it yet but it will be another jazz number with kicks, turns, and jumps. It will be energetic and fun. The song is called Happy.” This new dance number will definitely get the crowd on their feet.

It is evident just how hard these seven dancers work when the opposing school’s band steps on to the field. Lakeview’s majorettes outshine the other team every Friday night – that’s not only because of our gleaming costumes.

Carrie Probst, coach and choreographer of Lakeview majorettes, does an amazing job with the dances and costumes. The two paired together make an entrancing show that the audience can’t look away from.

For band camp, the majorettes have to wake up at 6:30 to have a group breakfast for team bonding. The majorettes are very into team bonding. Some of the activities they do are kickball, movie night, skit night, and a campfire night. This helps bring the girls together and make them have a stronger bond inside and outside of being a majorette.

At band camp if the majorettes aren’t practicing with the band, they go to a dance studio where they learn and practice the dances and features you see on Friday night. On the last day of band camp the parents have the luxury to go and see their kids succeed as a dancer.

The seniors for the majorettes this year are Bree Wistar and Makayla Strauss. This is their last year being a majorette for Lakeview. We asked Bree Wistar how she felt about this year being her last her response was, “I am going to miss being a majorette, it has been a wonderful 4 years and I am looking forward to making the best out of my senior year as a majorette as I perform with my best friends.