Lakeview Freshman: It’s Your Turn


Erica Giesey, Reporter

As the 2022-2023 school year has begun that means it is time for the freshman’s first year of high school. The first year of high school can be very intimidating. You’re in a new building, you have new teachers, and you’re the youngest in the building. High school is very different from middle school in many ways. There is a lot you are leaving behind and memories that you will hold on to forever. 

Freshman Tru Campbell said, “I miss the teachers and the common area. Everything was less crowded and really organized as opposed to the high school. And I had such an amazing bond with the teachers at the middle school that I’ll never forget.” 

Lakeview has some of the best teachers in the area and it is very hard when Freshmen have to move to a new building because they don’t get to see them anymore. But luckily Freshman get to meet a whole new staff and they will become some of their favorite teachers! 

The transition from middle school to high school can be challenging for some. It takes a while to get used to a new building and how the classes are set up. In middle school you have block periods instead of the normal high school schedule. This is a big adjustment for freshmen because they have to get used to switching classes every period and going to their locker frequently. 

Freshman Melena Zervas said, “The biggest difference in my transfer to high school is not being in pods anymore like we had at middle school. All my classes before were in the same place and area, but now I am traveling the whole school and seeing different places and people. Also, I have many new people in my classes from different grades (there’s seniors in my art class).”

While there are many things that freshmen worry about during the first couple weeks of school there is so much to look forward to. Freshmen get to experience new things such as homecoming, student sections, marching band, new clubs, and making new friends. High school brings so many new memories that students hold onto forever. 

Freshman Izabella Ash said, “The best part of the year so far has been marching band for me. I have had a lot of fun with it. I like the options of clubs we have here at the high school.”

Freshman have already made so many amazing memories this year. As the first quarter is quickly coming to an end it is good to reflect on what has happened so far this year. High school goes by so quickly so you want to make sure you are living in the moment. 

Freshman Kathryn Powell said, “I’d have to say, that Madrigals has been the best so far, because not only am I a freshman in a higher singing group, the others are helpful and it is really enjoyable, not only because I get to be with my older cousin, Ethan, I also get to participate in something that wasn’t offered at the middle school.

As a freshman it is very important to remember that you only have 4 years left so you need to make the most of it. Graduation comes faster than you think. Make sure you’re involved in all the clubs you want to be in, participating in new sports, and making great friendships. 

Senior Emma Schmader said, “The advice I would give to a freshman from a senior is to never be afraid of anything. Do not be afraid to speak up in your classes if you are struggling. Make sure you talk to your teachers daily and actually have them get to know you. As the years change, so will your friends, and as your high school career comes to an end, you will find your true friends as they will have stuck with you throughout your whole experience.”

Senior Sydney Peterson added, “It is the quickest years of your life, enjoy every second of it because once you blink it will already be over.” 

Good luck to all the freshmen this year! Enjoy every minute of high school and never turn down new opportunities!