Lakeview Plans Golden Gala for the 2022 Homecoming Dance!


Daylen Chapman, Reporter

Homecoming is rounding the corner this weekend and Lakeview students have been using up the remaining time to get ready for this Saturday’s dance. 

The week of homecoming, students have been participating in spirit week to amp up the dance. The majority of seniors and juniors were eager to participate in the themes this week.

Senior Avery Jones responded with, “I will be dressing up every day!” 

On October 8th, Lakeview students will flood the high school cafeteria around 7:00. Students will be greeted with this year’s theme: Golden Gala. Many students are having mixed feelings about the dance.

Senior Mason Littleton, is feeling mediocre about the dance but is looking forward to, “Fun times with friends” this weekend.

On the other hand, sophomore Raelynn Hall is pumped for the dance Saturday evening. 

The 2021 school year started with numerous disappointments for Lakeview students, but ended out with hope for returning Bulldogs. Last year, homecoming looked a little different with a new location set in the K-8 school cafeteria and students were required to wear masks.

Fortunately, the Golden Gala will be set in the high school cafeteria and masks are no longer required, so students can dance the night away without worrying about restrictions. Students weighed in with their opinions on a mask free dance.

Junior Alex Holden said, “Grateful; it did not serve me justice at ALL last year. Also, we get to see everyone’s makeup!”

Sophomore Chelsea Dean simply felt “cool” about having no restrictions.

Weighing on the seniors opinions since this is their last homecoming dance, Mckenzie McFall said, “It feels pretty nice to have no masks for my last homecoming dance.”

Getting dressed and ready for the dance is one of the first steps on homecoming day. Lots of time goes into finding the perfect outfit, applying makeup, and getting hair just right. Senior Dawn Hughes is still getting homecoming ready, but sophomore Hallie Capan claimed being dance ready and outfit ready for Saturday evening. 

After getting glammed up for the dance, students tend to meet with their friends for plans before homecoming. The traditional plans consist of meeting their friends or date for pictures and dinner before the actual dance. Let’s take a look at this year’s homecoming plans. Freshman Samuel Chapman is still figuring out plans adding, “still have not decided yet.” 

A good deal of students will be showing up to the dance with either friends or a date. You won’t catch many students walking in solo especially senior Tristen Saylard who will be seen with a date at the dance. Junior Matt Rolley will be seen walking into the school with friends on the night of the dance.

For three hours students will have the opportunity to hangout with friends and dance the night away to music played by DJ Murphy. Senior Lola English demanded the song “Hotel Room Service”, “must be played; I won’t have a good senior homecoming without it.” 

A freshmen wants to hear the song “Apple Bottom” jeans played, and senior Hayden Rozzo had a few words to say about the song No Hands, “I need the DJ to play “No Hands” by Waka Floka. It’s a classic song and a fan favorite on homecoming night.” 

At 10:00 p.m students will be leaving the dance and heading to their after homecoming plans. The juniors have fun nights waiting for them at the end of the night. Clo Wagner will be heading home to have a sleepover with friends and Sam Balest summed up after-homecoming plans with one simple yet effective word, “party”

We hope all seniors attending have a great last homecoming and everyone else attending homecoming we hope you dance the night away and please have a safe night!