Lakeview Seniors Rise Up


Tara Lytle, Reporter

Every year near the beginning of the school year, the Lakeview seniors meet early one morning for a senior sunrise. It starts off the year by “Rising up” and getting the year started off well. The seniors look forward to this event and this year was a success. 

Senior Sydney Peterson brought in games for all of us to play with during the sunrise. She brought in spike ball, jenga, and cornhole for all of us to enjoy.

Peterson said, “I was in charge of bringing games, Detoro brought us donuts which was really nice of him. I brought a blanket to sit on and I just watched the sunrise with my friends. It was really nice to hangout with my friends and talk while the sun came up. I am now very excited for my senior year!”

Another senior that attended, Dino Haidaris, said, “It was a really good time to start off the year. It helped us all wake up and get to spend time together without friends. The staff did a good job with planning this, as they got us donuts and had a student bring games. I am very excited for my senior year and this was definitely a great way to start it!”

Guidance Counselor and Senior Class Adviser Caitlin Schnurrenberger was there taking pictures of the event and watching the seniors enjoy their first senior activity. Some other teachers were there, and Assistant Principal Detoro was there with the mandatory donuts. Seniors brought blankets and enjoyed our donuts together. 

Senior Alexis Busefink brought a disposable camera to take pictures and have these memories for a lifetime with her.

Busefink said, “It was a good start to my senior year. I brought my camera to take pictures of the sunrise and my friends so that I will have these memories forever. I brought a blanket and showed up in my pajamas as I enjoyed the sunrise with my friends. I’m excited to see what the future holds and what other senior activities the school has in store for us!

Last year, the seniors had the sunrise at the end of the year because of covid, which was not normal for the senior year traditions. It was nice that this year’s seniors got to have a normal year which started off by a senior sunrise. The point of the sunrise is to show that this year’s seniors are rising up at the beginning of the year. At the end of the year, a sunset will take place one evening down by the lake shore because it is the end of the year and the seniors will be “setting away.”

As this year is the first fully normal senior year in a couple of years, Senior Erica Giesey talks about how incredibly happy she is that covid is not ruining our year. “The past years, we have not had a normal year. The last normal year for us was 8th grade, until now. Masks being worn, not having prom or homecoming, etc. I am so extremely happy to be having a normal senior year so far. The senior sunrise took place and it was something for us all to look forward to and to start off the year strong. I am hoping that this year will stay the same and not get taken away from Covid-19. I am so blessed to not have to wear masks or get anything taken away from us. I am looking forward to my senior year!”

As the seniors this year will have a normal year, it was a great start to finally get to have a senior sunrise at the beginning of the year. The seniors will remember this for the rest of their lives and they will cherish all of these memories from this year. Thankfully, these seniors will get a normal year and get to experience everything that a Lakeview senior should! Good luck to the 2023 seniors this year!