LHS Debuts New and Improved Dog Pound


Mason Littleton, reporter

For years, the school store has been a part of the school rarely visited by students. This year the school store is starting off fresh with new ideas and a whole new attitude. The school store is slowly becoming a place of positivity and social activity amongst the students.

Business teacher Chris Romano, the teacher who runs the school store, is a first year teacher at lakeview high school. Running the school store is a large undertaking for a first year teacher.

Romano states, We are selling more products that people will buy. I feel like people actually enjoy being in the store and they like the environment that surrounds the store. I feel very strongly that the store should be one-hundred percent student run and that the students need to learn how to operate a business without any supervision.”

A student worker at the store, Junior Jacob Spencer, believes the community inside the store is the biggest factor in its recent success.

Spencer said, “It is very easy to run and the community inside the store is great. I actually enjoy working at the store and look forward to running it during the last period of the day, rather than leaving school early.” 

Mostly everyone who works in the store can attribute its recent increase in popularity to the outgoing and likeable workers as well as the reasonably priced snacks. The majority of workers would rather work at the school store than sit in their study hall or leave the school early. This overall enjoyment of serving their fellow students just adds to the likeability and overall pleasant feeling that surrounds the school store.

A senior who frequently shops in the store, Andrew Miller, loves the school store. Miller tends to spend his entire third period study hall conversating with whoever is working the store.

Miller said, “The store has seen great improvements such as the organization of our resources and I love going in the store to talk with my friends and buy a snack.”

A senior who worked in the store last year, Andy Orfin, believes the store is worlds better than the previous year.

Orfin stated, “Nothing was physically labeled or priced in the store last year, there was also no track of money and it was nowhere near as professionally run as this current year. Everything this year is priced on the board and it is very clear what each item costs.”

It is very clear that Romano has brought a lot of organization to the school store and that he has cleaned it up so that students feel much more comfortable. With the ability to easily read the prices of foods by looking at the blackboard, Romano has increased the convenience of the school store for students.

Some student workers, like Junior Oniah Russo, believe that each student brings their own set of characteristics to the school store.

Russo said, “Every shift I bring in my LED open/close sign to bring in more customers and build up a good aesthetic around the shop. I enjoy relating to the customers and giving them a pleasant experience whenever they come into the store.”

As the school store continues to be a trademark area for Lakeview Highschool more and more improvements will continue to be made to fit the student bodies demands. Student workers will also continue to personalize the store to make it more appealing. Advertisements, although already present, will grow in numbers so that everyone is aware of the school store and all it has to offer the students. Good luck to the school store as it continues to improve and draw in more customers!