Lakeview High Takes On Homecoming!


Sydney Poptic, Reporter

The 2022 Homecoming dance was a great success. Over 400 Lakeview students and some outside guests enjoyed dancing the night away. The homecoming theme was Golden Gala and the student council did a great job decorating. The student council members worked all day putting together everything for the dance.

The girls got to get all pretty while the boys got to wear their nice suits. People have waited for this all year.

Freshman Tyler Holbrook said, “I was very excited for my first homecoming and I really enjoyed it. I got to be with all my friends and just have a good time with everyone. I also enjoyed the after homecoming plans that were going on.”

Sophomore Ava Foertch said, “I had to get up at 9:00 for my hair appointment and had to wait to finish getting ready. I loved when I could finally start putting my whole outfit together and see the final product. Overall the dance was very enjoyable and I loved being surrounded by my friends and making more memories.”

All the people loved our great music by chemistry teacher and DJ Joshua Murphy who took requests all night long! Before the dance began, Homecoming Court got announced and all of the court members danced their way through the people with the King and Queen, Ethan Baker and Eliza Farr leading.

The homecoming dance began at 7pm with students lined up and down the hallway waiting to get into the dance and ended at 10pm with the majority of students of all grade levels still dancing.

After talking to students, Junior Jake Nicholas said, “My favorite song they played was probably No Hands because it is just a classic song. It gets everyone excited and up and moving.” Everyone loves a good classic played song that everyone can sing and dance along too.

Senior Caitlin Mark said, “My favorite song was Pound The Alarm by Nicki Minaj because me and my friends learned the Just Dance dance to it and so every year we always do it when this song comes on, it’s a great memory to have.” 

Murphy said, “I love being able to DJ and watch everyone have a great time and make great memories. The kids all have big smiles on there faces and have a great night. I look forward to this night every year.”

The chaperones that attended the dance were English teacher Jenna Hogue, anatomy teacher and student council adviser Maureen Bucko, biology teacher Dana Bayne, and speech teacher Angela Sarko. They all got good laughs out of the students dancing and started joining in on the dances themselves. Murphy did his annual 2 step dance that gets the students hyped up every time.

Before the dance, Senior Sydney Peterson said, “I planned a dinner for the Juniors and Seniors at Avalon. We went at 4:15 to take pictures then went to our dinner reservations at 5:00. We all had a good time and got to spend time talking with everyone and got ourselves fueled up and ready for the dance.” 

At the end of the dance, they played the senior song “Feel this Moment” by Pitbull and all of the seniors gathered in a circle and got to enjoy the end of their last homecoming dance. Senior Aiden Schulman said, “I enjoyed the senior song because it brought of all us together and made a great memory to end off a great night. I liked when we started going slow in a circle then when the beat started we all started jumping and having a good time. It’s moments like those that make things special.”

The 2022 Homecoming dance had a great outcome and made great memories for many people. There were great songs played, everyone was surrounded by great people, and it was an overall great night.