2022 Student Section Cheers on the Lakeview Bulldogs


Brianna Wistar, Reporter

With the start of fall and a new school year, that also means Friday night football games under the lights, while also many other fall sports taking place. As the fall season sports take place, the Lakeview Bulldog student section has contributed its effort to show its endless support to the Lakeview athletes and community by showing up to games for many sporting events and prioritizing student involvement. 

As of last year, Lakeview students came together with the help of high school Social Studies teacher Cameron Carson and created the 126 Club. The goal of this club was to increase student activity and school pride. With this program, it allowed students to decide how they wanted to see their own student section improve and what they could do to increase their school spirit. 

Carson says that the number one goal of the 126 club is to generate school spirit and support our athletic programs. We try to generate a lot of excitement for sporting events and create a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone involved. I believe that the 126 club has been able to reach students who were not always interested in going to sporting events or being involved with school spirit. I also think that it has created a positive relationship between the athletic programs and the student body. I hope this is something that continues on for many years to come!”

So far for the 2022 football season, the student section themes have been beach/Hawaiian, jersey, camo, glow in the dark/neon, white out, USA, pajamas, black out, and then with the last two scheduled games being pink out and then blue out to complete the scheduled season. With the inspiration and encouragement from the class of 2023, high school students have increased their participation with the themes and even being a part of the fun in the student section for any sport. 

Student section leader and senior Hayden Rozzo says that “being a student section leader helps show underclassmen a fun way to support their friends. I really enjoy cheering on my team and being around my friends. Encouraging school pride can be as simple as asking random people if they are going to the game or showing your pride and hoping others will follow.”

This year, the student section leaders are seniors Rozzo, Mason Littleton, Rocco Ferraro, and Madison Bayus. As being a student section leader, they maintain the responsibility to ultimately encourage school spirit and encourage students to participate in fun high school activities within the school, such as the student section and themes for games. 

Littleton says that his “favorite part about the student section is the unity it creates. I encourage underclassmen to get involved by showing up and going all out with the theme. We have modified the student section and student involvement this year by posting a lot more frequently and coming up with new and exciting chants.”

Senior volleyball player and team captain Tara Lytle says that “the student section is one of our key points in our game. They make us hyped up to play and they are always cheering for us. It helps us out when we’re down because they cheer for us whenever we finally get the ball back. The student section is great for us!” 

With the improvement of the student section, it has had many positive effects within the high school. Not only has school spirit increased, but it also creates a positive environment for students to bring everyone together while  supporting the school and athletics while also having fun together cheering friends and peers on.