Lakeview Soccer Girls Take on Senior Night


Stasia Hall, Reporter

The girls’ soccer team had their senior night on Monday, October 10th. They received recognition for their four hard years of high school soccer. With the stands filled with family and friends supporting the girls all season long. 

The seniors included: Alexis Busefink, Eliza Farr, Anastasia Hall, Alexandria Piaquadio, Ella Powers, and Ryliegh Ring. The team has three captains: Busefink, Hall, and Piaquadio. 

The girls were excited about their senior year. Sadly, there is always an end. After four years the girls are having mixed feelings about their soccer season finally coming to an end.

Piaquadio says, “Senior night was a bittersweet moment for me and my fellow seniors.” 

The team shed tears realizing they will be going their separate ways soon. The team values every one of their teammates. 

The senior girls think that their senior year came quickly. Four years is not that long especially playing a sport that you love. 

Farr is a senior who joined her junior year. She only played for 2 years and lettered both years. She built a connection with the team quickly. She has love not just for her teammates but the game itself. 

Farr says, “I never saw myself playing soccer. If my freshman self saw me out on the field she would be shocked. Now, I could never get up the sport. You really build a love for the game. Also, the players have been supporting me since the minute I walked on the field. Those 2 years flew by and I wish I would’ve joined earlier.

The girls faced Jefferson leaving them another win for the season. Coach Marissa Brown wanted the seniors to all play together on their night. She gave them the opportunity to all start and finish the game one last time together. 

Brown has enjoyed her 6 seniors over the past four years. She is proud of how far they have come and their accomplishments over their four years. 

Brown says, “The 2023 seniors have been leaders on and off the field this year. Their enthusiasm for the game and skill on the field are an integral part of our success.”

The seniors believe that the results of their senior year are exactly what they hoped for. They worked very hard all 4 years to receive credit for their work. 

Busefink says, “The season went better than I had expected. We had a really good outcome and I had so much fun during the season.”

The girls’ record is 13-1-1. They are excited to continue on their season to tournaments. Their winning streak will pay off in post-season.

Busefink says, “I’m excited to continue on in the post season. I’m so proud of us and sad it’s coming to an end.”

The girls believe that they have a chance to be district champions. They believe this would be the best way to leave their soccer years to age. 

The girls play Poland Wednesday to finish their regular season games. They will continue on to tournaments the following week.

The seniors are confident that they can whittle their way through tournaments and leave them district champions. Hall believes they are capable of any competition. 

Hall says, “We have prepared all season for this moment. I think this is exactly what the girls were working hard for. We want this district title more than anyone else.” 

Piaquadio also says, “I think we have a lot of talent on the team this year and that we are going to go pretty far. Winning a district title would be a great way to end our season.”

The girls understand the difficulty they are about to face to gain the district title.