Lakeview Students Enjoy The Colder Weather

Lakeview Students Enjoy The Colder Weather

Lexi Busefink, Reporter

The fall season is upon us. The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is dropping, and the fall festivities are approaching. Lakeview Students are excited about this fall season. 

When asked what students’ favorite part of fall a variety of answers were given. Many students said Halloween was their favorite part of Fall. Halloween is an exciting day, as people get to dress up and of course, eat tons of candy. 

Junior Oniah Russo and Senior Andrew McRoberts were both one of many students who answered “Halloween season” when asked about what their favorite part of Fall was. 

Many students also replied with the leaves. The colorful leaves only occur during the fall season. The leaves start to fall and change into all different colors. Many of the students enjoy being able to look out the window and see the pretty scenery.

Students were asked whether they enjoyed the colder weather or missed the hotter days. The majority of students answered that they enjoyed the colder weather. Additionally, they said the colder weather meant sweatshirt season and dressing warm and cozy.

Another thing about the Fall season is the fall drinks. Students responded by saying they loved the pumpkin spice drinks. These drinks were only seasonal, so they could only get them during the fall season.

Students were asked what they plan on doing this fall season. Junior Dylan Clements plans to, “carve pumpkins and wear hoodies.”

Carving pumpkins is a fan favorite. Many students also responded with carving pumpkins and going to pumpkin patches this fall. Senior Avery Jones responded specifically with, “buy tiny pumpkins.” 

Senior Alexis Garcia responded with, “Cedar Point Halloweekend.” Cedar Point is one of many places that bring the fall and Halloween festiveness to life. 

Junior Ben Herrholtz plans to “go to corn mazes and haunted houses.”  This was also a popular repeated response among many Lakeview Students. 

Students were asked if the colder weather made them less likely to want to go outside. However, the cold weather isn’t stopping Lakeview Students as the majority answered no, and even enjoy going outside in the extra layers. 

Another thing students are looking forward to this fall. A common response was watching football or sports and even doing sports. Fall is a great time of year for sports as it includes some of the people’s favorite things to watch and play. 

Freshman Leah Clark plans to “play soccer” this fall. As soccer is one of the fall sports here at Lakeview high school that is in season currently and approaching an end. 

All Fall sports are nearing the end, which is sad to the students who it is their favorite part of fall. After the Fall season, the sports will change into the winter followed by the spring sports. 

Students enjoy don’t mind the colder weather now, but when does it get too cold? Junior Nolan Toth plans to “enjoy the last of the nice weather.” Students definitely know that after Fall comes to winter, which means the snow and freezing weather are only a little bit of time away.

The warm and cozy season makes for Lakeview Students to want to spend time with their loved ones, Junior Lucy McKowan plans to “carve pumpkins with my boyfriend.” Many students replied with similar answers, and also including spending time with their families.

Overall, the Lakeview Students seem to be enjoying the colder weather and have many exciting upcoming fall plans. The fall season is a fun time full of many festivities. 

The leaves will start to fall and no longer be colorful, soon it will be to cold to enjoy the weather. The fall sports will change, and the scenery will look very different. Winter is approaching.