Homecoming Game: Battle of the Bulldogs


Izzy Haines , Reporter

The Homecoming game was an electric night for the Bulldogs on and off of the field. Just before kick off against the Poland Bulldogs the Homecoming court was announced which had everyone excited.

Homecoming is always a big deal but especially to those competing for King and Queen. Both King and Queen are announced the night before homecoming at the football game in front of a huge crowd. 

The senior boys that were competing for king were Damien Natali, Luke Canzonetta, Stefanos Makroglu, Rocco Ferrero, Ethan Baker, Xavier Madorma, Cole Oriti, and Andrew McRoberts. During the Homecoming court ceremony the king was announced and the king was Ethan Baker.

The senior girls who were competing for queen were Tara Lytle, Eliza Farr, Sydney Poptic, Sydney Peterson, Maggie Pavlansky, Caitlin Mark, Brooke Schneider, and Emma Schmader The queen Eliza Farr was also announced moments after the ceremony had taken place.

I asked Eliza Farr “How did you feel in the moment when you were announced homecoming queen”. Farr stated that “I was really shocked at first but then after I felt super excited and grateful that my classmates voted for me, also being surrounded by my friends made it a great moment.”

We asked King Ethan Baker the same question and his response was  “I was really excited when my name got announced for king. I appreciate all the people that voted for me to be king it will be a night I never forget.”

It was a very fun and exciting moment for everyone. Even the spectators watching the game and the court could feel the excitement radiating from the kids. Everyone was excited to see what would happen not with just the court but also the football game. The Bulldogs faced off against their former head coach and they were hungry for a win.

The Homecoming game was a great night for our linebacker Jake Nicholas who ended the night with 20 tackles. Keeping the Poland Bulldogs from scoring. 

Unfortunately, the Lakeview Bulldogs could not pull a win losing 9-0 to the Poland Bulldogs. Even though we ended the night with a loss that didn’t break our spirit.

The student section leaders did a great job keeping the student section alive throughout the game. I asked student section leader Hayden Rozzo, “How do you feel being the student section leader? Is it ever stressful for you?” Rozzo states, “Being a student section leader is really fun and it doesn’t stress me out because I do it so everyone can have fun.”

Lakeview’s student section never disappoints. We have a variety of people from each grade there to support our football team. We have a variety of great cheers to keep our student section on their toes. 

The theme for the game was blackout which has been the theme for the homecoming game for the last two years. It’s a simple yet fun theme.  All of the students had no problem dressing in all black for the theme everyone dressing up made us look put together and show our support for our football team. 

We support our players so much that all of the students brought a dollar to hold up for our quarterback Damien Natali or also known as (Dame dolla). To show how much we support him and appreciate him for giving his all every Friday night on the field. In fact, all of our players give their all and never have a disappointing game.