Lakeview Girls Volleyball Spikes Away Cancer


Marina Sanders, Reporter

Lakeview High school students and families have always been heavily involved in their community. This year, Lakeview Alumni Rachel Elliot battles stage four breast cancer. This is a very difficult time for her and her family. So the Lakeview girls volleyball team took matters into their own hands and decided to make these strenuous times a little bit easier for Elliot’s family and friends.

In support of Elliot, they dedicate their own volleyball game to her. All proceeds and funds went towards her treatment. There were many fans there supporting, from Lakeview’s own students and faculty to small, local businesses. Many of the sophomore volleyball players went around to some businesses and they offered to hang signs up to help collect donations. In addition, a Go Fund Me page was created to further the donation collection.

Senior captain Tara Lytle says, “This was a very successful fundraiser, I’m glad we were able to help raise money for Rachel and her family and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it with my team.” Lytle also mentions that there were lots of 50/50 raffle tickets sold. And in all, there were over $4,000 that was raised for the Elliot family.

The school also funded brand new, pink jerseys in honor of breast cancer awareness month and to honor Elliot. Without a doubt, the team did not disappoint and they walked away with a win which helped create the togetherness of the team and community. It was nice to see everyone there to support a Lakeview Alumni.

The girls also gifted Elliot with one of their volleyballs with all of their names on it along with a card. Senior captain Maggie Pavlansky shares, “The volleyball team felt so honored to be able to do the spike for cancer game. It was for a great cause and it was a great way to bring the community together for an amazing family. It felt great to play for something bigger than ourselves.

It was a very successful event to say the least. The volleyball team did an excellent job at creating a welcoming environment to the people in the community. Not to mention, helping raise tons of money for the Elliot family.

Everyone played an important part in the success of the fundraiser. Sophomore Ava Bacon says, “I’ve never experienced something like this and it was fun and different to be a part of and was even better that it was for a good cause. It was nice to see lots of people there supporting as well. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

In years prior, Lakeview has done many sporting events to help raise money for Lakeview alumni or people in the community. It sends a message that no one fights alone. It’s a good thing to be a part of and it brings more people together for a good cause.

No matter the outcome, there were amazing efforts and successful ones put into this game. Every effort was appreciated and we can’t thank the girls volleyball team enough along with the community for everything they did for a successful fundraiser.

We wish Rachel Elliot and her family the best of luck. There are many, many people supporting her along the journey ahead. But thank you for everyone who contributed to the success of the fundraiser and an extra thank you to the girls volleyball team!