Bulldogs Wrap up the 2022 Season!


Tyler Hovance, Reporter

Football is wrapping up for the bulldogs and such an eventful season it was. The  Bulldogs after going 0-10 last season have strongly improved along with other teams coaches and players strongly believing the Bulldogs were better than last year.

After the first win for the Bulldogs this season fans were excited to see this turn around the Bulldogs could make. The Bulldogs were able to get two more wins on the season with the hard work they put in over the summer and throughout the season. The team is sitting at a 3-6 record right now and hopes to get one more win. 

The Bulldogs held their homecoming game on October 7th against Poland. Before the game, the homecoming court was introduced and the king and queen were announced. Ethan Baker becomes king while Eliza Farr was the queen. It was a rainy night but the court still managed to have a beautiful introduction. 

Senior, King Ethan Baker, “Winning made me feel so special especially in front of the huge football crowd.

Senior, Queen Eliza Farr, “It was a real shock and honor being able to be queen. It was very overwhelming but exciting with all of my friends around me.”

As the season is wrapping up Coach Bellino and his players are working hard for a playoff spot for the first time in four years. Coach Bellino, states “These boys have worked so hard this season and deserve to get into the playoffs. It would be a huge milestone for the dawgs as they have not been in the playoffs for four years. I am hoping for a successful end to this season and I am very honored to be their coach!

The team has been working hard this whole season for hopes that they make it into the playoffs. This would be a very big milestone for the bulldogs and hopefully their hard work will be put to good use during the playoffs. With one more regular season game left, the Bulldogs will host the Jefferson Falcons at home October 21st. It will also be senior night for the 2023 seniors on the team this year. 

Seniors, Stefano Makroglou, Nonda Makroglou, Aiden Schulman, Luke Canzonetta, Cole Oriti, Owen Vlk, Seth Shipman, Damien Natali, Andrew Mcroberts, Nick Bott, and Brandon Fisher are all coming up on their senior night and the last in season game they will play. The seniors are all hoping to go into the playoffs so their season does not quite end this coming Friday. 

Senior Damien Natali said, “This season has been a very successful season for us. We have been working hard all season and are hoping to go to the playoffs. As a senior, I have tried to become a good leader for the team and lead us into good and hard work. I am very excited as we can possibly get into the playoffs, but sad for my senior season to be coming to an end.

Senior Aiden Schulman said, “As a senior and a captain, I have become a leader for this team and I am very proud of this team. I hope to go into the playoffs this year and not be done with our season. I am very excited to see where this last game can take us and to see if we get into the playoffs. I am also very bittersweet about my senior night coming up this week too, I will definitely miss this team and the memories.”‘

As the season wraps up, the Bulldogs had a successful season this year and have been getting better each year. Hoping for a 4-6 record on the year and hoping to go into the playoffs. Congratulations on a good season boys!