Lakeview’s Spirit Week Sees Another Success


Ellie Davies, Reporter

There was a certain buzz that filled the air throughout the halls of Lakeview High. The excitement and anticipation for the long awaited Homecoming dance was carried through the building. One way LHS raises excitement for the dance is through a spirit week. 

Spirit week at school is a week of fun and creativity as the high school awaits its traditional Homecoming dance, Homecoming game, and pep rally. Cheerleaders devote their time to ensure that the school’s themes are fun but also appropriate. 

This year’s themes for spirit week were unique. Many students anticipate spirit week, as it gets them excited for the upcoming Homecoming dance. 

On Monday, our school brought back a theme from last year. LHS students were given the choice to pick between dressing Country or Country Club. Through the halls, you could see everything from sweaters, skirts, polos, and dress pants to flannels and cowboy boots. 

Junior Abby Sulc says, “I dressed for country day, but I wished more people participated in spirit week this year. Not many people dressed up and I feel that it was not as enjoyable as last year.” 

On Tuesday, the theme was to Dress as your Parents. Throughout the hallways the school was filled with many different characters. Some kids dressed in their parents’ everyday clothes and some wore their work attire, there were even some goatees drawn on student’s faces!

Junior Elizabeth Fazekas tells us that it was “funny” to dress as her dad for the day. Her dad is an Occupational Therapist Assistant at Lake Vista in Cortland. She wore his name tag and the company shirt. 

Another Junior Izzy Haines agrees with Fazekas when she states, “Dress as your Parents day was funny and exciting to see what everyone was wearing.”

On Wednesday, the theme was White Lie. The point of the theme was for students to write a ‘little white lie’ about themselves on a white t-shirt. 

This theme brought the most amount of school spirit in the student body. “I am glad that we were able to do it this year,” says Haines. 

This theme brought on a bit of a personal element when reading what students had written on their shirts. All of the shirts had a story to tell. This was a great way to spark conversations with classmates and teachers.

Thursday took on the classic theme, Pajama Day. Many students participated in this theme, excited to wear something comfortable to school. Walking the halls, you would see anything from onesies to pj pants and hoodies. Some friends even wore matching pajamas. 

For the finale of spirit week, students were encouraged to wear Lakeview gear. The colors of white and blue flooded the hallways. 

A handful of students were asked what their favorite theme was this year. Senior Ella Chadwick states that her favorite theme, much like many others, was “Pajama day, [because] it was nice to wear something comfy.” 

For students, spirit week brings excitement for the start of the new school year. It gives kids another reason to look forward to going to school. LHS students can’t wait to carry on the tradition next year.