Bundle Up Lakeview!


Sydney Poptic, Reporter

The cold weather is finally here! We have to get bundled up in our favorite coats, hats, gloves, sweatshirts, sweatpants, all the warm essentials. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees, it gets dark earlier, it’s time to get your hot chocolate and go sit by a fire.

Cold weather means snow, which has started happening these past few weeks. We all want the cold weather so we can get a change in temperature, until it actually comes. We walk out of our houses, or cars, or wherever you might be and you just freeze. You dread having to go outside because it’s so cold.

Freshman Hayden Newton said, “The cold weather is good because now I am not sweating the whole school day from the heat and I can be comfortable. I like being able to wear sweatshirts and sweatpants because they are comfy.”

Lots of students recently have been able to wear their letterman’s jackets again so they can stay nice and warm throughout the school day.

Sophomore Zach Poptic said, “I like the cold weather because it means it’s almost time for Christmas and I like the snow because I go work with my dad and shovel during the winter.”

During the winter a lot of people have a shovel job, or enjoy going out and playing in the cold. Lots of businesses work through the night to shovel off people’s driveways so they can get out in the morning.

Senior Hayden Rozzo said, “I like going out and having snowball fights with my friends and nailing them. We also always go out and shovel people’s driveways because we enjoy doing that. I also get to wear my fuzzy crocs during the winter which makes it great.”

Senior Brooke Schneider said, “I do not like the cold because I am always freezing and want to be inside. I do like it though because I like going by a fire and watching christmas movies and getting in the Christmas spirit. I also like winter baking so I do that when it gets cold outside.”

People use cold weather to their advantage and bake really yummy treats. Some fan favorites are sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, and gingerbread. Winter baking is a famous thing to do in many people’s families, along with Christmas decorating.

Junior Sam Balest said, “As soon as it starts snowing my mom makes us put all of our Christmas decorations up because the cold weather and snow means it’s Christmas time.”

Senior Daylen Chapman says, “My mom and I love to bake when it starts becoming cold out. I also love the cold weather because my favorite things to wear are sweatpants and a sweatshirt and I get to wear it everyday when it’s cold outside. I love being able to layer my outfits.”

Layering is an essential for the cold weather. You get to get all bundled up and hope what you chose will keep you warm enough for the weather. Then, when you get where you need to be and start sweating because the heat is on, you start to take your layers off.

Sophomore Adrienne Rich said, “I love layering during the cold. I love to wear a cute sweater then put a puffy coat and jeans on with it. Winter is my favorite time because I love the fashion that comes with the cold and I love when it snows and I watch Christmas movies.”

The cold weather keeps everyone on their toes because you never are prepared to walk outside when you know you are going to freeze. This winter there will be lots of baking, lots of snowball fights, and lots of layering.