Cortland Brightens Up For The Holidays


Erica Giesey, Reporter

It is that time again in Cortland! The Bulldogs have begun decorating their houses and they are prettier than ever. While driving through Cortland you can expect a ton of lights and a lot of decorations in people’s yards. The creative side has come out this year! People are ready for Santa to come. 

Senior Emma Schmader who has always been a Cortland resident, looks forward to the lights people put up every year. 

Schmader said, “I love driving around in the snowy weather looking at all of the beautiful lights! It makes me so excited for Christmas! I started driving around looking at lights when I was a little kid. It has become a tradition in our family to look at lights every year.” 

Living in a small town, there isn’t usually much to do, especially during the winter months. Driving around with friends and looking at lights is definitely one of my favorite parts! Getting hot chocolate at the local dunkin’ and just enjoying the hard work that everyone put into their houses is amazing!   

Senior Cayden Buhala said, “I enjoy taking my brothers out to go look at Christmas lights. It is their favorite thing to do this time of year and a great way to spend time with them. Last winter was the first time I was able to drive on my own and my brothers begged me to take them around the neighborhood. Ever since then, it has become one of our favorite things.”

There are many houses people look forward to every year. Senior Ella Chadwick always has some of the best lights! 

Senior Sydney Peterson said, “I love going into different neighborhoods and seeing all of the different decorations. Ever since I was little my favorite house has been the Chadwicks! I remember they had lights that synced up to the music on the radio and it was so cool to sit in the car and watch them with the Christmas music. Every Christmas you always know they will go all out!” 

Chadwick said, “I love the Christmas season. It is so cool to see the process of the lights and getting to help my dad put all the decorations up. My dad plans all the lights and decorations that are going up. He puts so much effort into it and I love that all of Cortland gets to enjoy too!”

My favorite part about Lakeview and our community is how close people are. It is so nice to live in a smaller community of people. You know most people and where they live from growing up with them. This allows you to see the hard work your classmate’s families have put into their houses. 

Senior Dino Haidaris said, “It’s always nice to see Christmas lights around town. They definitely make people happy and bring the holiday spirit to Cortland. I love seeing the residents out and decorating together! Making Cortland look so festive!” 

Cortland always has a light decorating contest every year. Residents go all out and get to post their entries into the contest. Winners get picked every year for the best-decorated house. This allows people to be creative and get together as a family to put some amazing decorations up. 

Get out this year and look at the lights. Take a break from all the studying during midterms and ask your family to go! It is a great way to bond and come together.