Lakeview Boys Hope to Tear up the Floor


Hayden Rozzo, Reporter

With a new basketball season already starting many fans and players are excited to see what the Bulldogs have to offer. After a decent 21-22 first season as a head coach, Mark Novotny is coming back hungry. With only two returning varsity players a lot of guys are going to have to take a step up this year.

Returning varsity senior Andrew McRoberts said, “I think we’re gonna surprise a lot of people this year; we might not have the talent but we have the heart.”

If all the players can keep this mindset the Dogs should be able to have a breakout season, with a 1-0 start.

Senior Tyler Capan, who was a major contributor when Nate Fox was injured last year and then off the bench for the rest of the season, has high hopes for the team this year.

Capan feels that “We definitely have room for improvement and we seem to be getting better every day I think we’ll have a winning season.” 

Freshman Isaiah Lance has a similar outlook as Capan.

Lance thinks “We have a lot of good players and we need to keep pushing in practice and be the best we can to have a winning season in our conference.” 

With a lot of young talent, the team has a bright future. Sophomore Zach Poptic very well could be a key piece in the near future.

Poptic said, “Right now our JV team is looking unstoppable and I can’t wait to see what we bring to the program in the future.”

Another rising star Sophomore Leo Parise praises coach Novo and has high hopes for a good season.

Earlier Parise said, “I really like Novo’s style of play and commitment to the team I think we have a good season for both JV and varsity ahead of us.”

Frank Newton, the new assistant coach, has brought new energy to games and practices and it seems to have rubbed off on a lot of players including Junior Isaiah Warner.

Warner thinks, “Frank Newton is a great personality and brings a whole different energy to the team he always pushes us and jokes with us but knows when to yell and get us in shape.” 

Junior Tyler Hovance is still skeptical of the season ahead of us as many people are.

Hovance said, “We’ll see, I think we have a lot of potential but we have a long way to go before we can compete in a conference like ours.”

With a tough schedule ahead the Lakeview boys basketball team hopes to prove everyone wrong and have a winning season and hopefully a playoff run, but they need to put their heads down and grind in order to get what they want.