Bulldogs Give Thanks for Family and Friends


Daylen Chapman, Reporter

When you think of thanksgiving you think of family and those who you are thankful for. There’s a lot that goes into thanksgiving: preparing the food, making sure the house is squeaky clean, getting the deals for black Friday, and so much more. However, the past two years have changed so many holiday traditions due to Covid-19. Families  couldn’t get together because of this pandemic and loved ones stopped traveling to see one another. Thankfully, this year is different! Lakeview students share some of their holiday activities that they can finally do now that Covid-19 has settled down.

Senior Sydney Poptic was able to have all of her family from out of town come to her house for this year for Thanksgiving! On Wednesday Poptic and her mom got the house decorated and tidied up for the big day.

Poptic said, ¨It took a lot of work, but I can’t wait to have everyone over again this year. I’ve missed being all together for thanksgiving. Seeing my grandparents though was definitely my favorite part about this year’s holiday.¨

Poptic also shared that she got to spend time with her favorite cousin that she rarely sees. They spent every second together over the break and got to go Black Friday shopping together! After that Poptic and her cousin went and visited their grandparents for a second thanksgiving.

Popitc said, ¨After this break I don’t think I can eat anything else for a whole week!¨

Senior Caitlin Mark gives us a little insight on her day after thanksgiving. Mark woke up that morning and went to breakfast with her two sisters who came home from college. After that Mark had to get ready to go cheer for the Lakeview boys varsity game at Champion.

Mark is known for her humor so that morning as she was getting ready she texted the cheer group chat and said, ¨Uniforms gonna be a little tight from all the turkey.¨ Then some of the other cheerleaders agreed and laughed with Mark because she had made a great point.

Another Senior Rocco Ferraro told us about his friendsgiving that he and his family hosted. They typically do it every year but because of Covid they couldn’t do it the last couple of years. However this year they could! At his friendsgiving he had over seniors Sydney Poptic, Nonda and Stef Makroglou, and junior Jake Nicholas. They all had their families with them.

Ferraro explained that they typically play games eat a bunch of food and have a good time. Although this year they played a game where the parents played against the kids.

Ferraro said, ¨This friendsgiving was the best friendsgiving we had ever had because we all saw Nonda Makroglou get tackled by his mother and it was the funniest thing you would have ever witnessed.¨ 

Junior Jake Nicholas added, ¨It was so good to be able to have everyone get together again for friendsgiving, its is my favorite holiday by far. Just a bunch of us getting together laughing and having a great time.” 

Senior Luke Canzonetta said, ¨This Thanksgiving was interesting to say the least. At first, I went to my girlfriend’s house and met all of her family from out of state, then I went to my dad’s house to eat with them, then after that I went to my grandma’s house to eat again, then finally I went back to my girlfriend’s house after everything and ate some more¨

Sophomore Ava Foertch states, ¨Spending time with family has been one of the best feelings this year. Because last year and the year with Covid, it was very difficult and many relatives couldn’t come. We all had a fun time eating and spending time together.¨ 

Nevertheless, the Bulldog Bulletin hopes you had the best of times this holiday season, and that you got to see all your family and friends this year!