Christmas Brings Joy to Lakeview Students


Tara Lytle, Writer and Reporter

Christmas is just around the corner and all lakeview students are already planning their fun! With a break only a couple of weeks away students are thrilled! A couple of students are going out of town and some are staying home and enjoying Christmas. 

Senior Emma Schmader said, “I will be staying home during break and enjoying time with my friends and family, along with working. I plan to go to my grandparents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We will eat delicious food while drinking hot chocolate and enjoying every second together as a family.”

Some lakeview students will be going out of town to visit their families. “I will be going to Columbus to visit my dad’s side of the family the day after Christmas. Before then, I will be spending Christmas with my mom and my dad on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I plan to spend the rest of my break watching movies and drinking hot chocolate with my friends and family!” added senior Tara Lytle.

The school is also getting in the Christmas spirit and letting the fun begin. The executive committee set up a door decorating contest. The contest is taking place throughout the week of November 28th-2nd and judges will look at the doors the week of December 5th. The winners will receive a party in their 6th period class and can choose what they would like to have at their party.  

The senior executive committee is super ecstatic about bringing this back. We used to do it every year during Christmas time and finally we are bringing it back,”  said senior Lola English.

“We really wanted this to be something we could all participate in, its easy and fun, and it will make the hallways a lot more festive for the holidays!” added senior Sydney Peterson.

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend time with family and friends and take in what Christmas is all about. Many students will be preparing for finals before they go on break.

Senior Lexi Busefink said, “Finals week is just around the corner and I will be preparing for finals before I get to have fun during Christmas break. Most of my classes will be ending the week of December 8th and I will be super excited when that comes. However I will be studying for finals first. During break I will be spending time with my family and friends. I will be going to look at Christmas lights with some of my friends and family as well. On Christmas I will be spending the day with my grandma and all of my family.”

“I plan to spend my Christmas break enjoying the time off of school and spending time with my family and friends. I hope to see a lot of snow during break because it seems more like Christmas with snow. I also plan to spend Christmas Day and Eve with my close family and eat lots of good food!” said junior Marina Sanders.

A lot of students meet up during Christmas break and do gift exchanges with each other and hangout during their break.

Sophomores Reagan Price, Mallory Mailach, Addison Allen, and Kennedy Bartlett are all doing a gift exchange together. The girls stated, “We do this every year and it is something we all look forward to during our Christmas break!”

“I am really looking forward to Christmas Break this year. Whether its for the gift exchanges, good food, or spending time with my entire family. I am really looking forward to the gift exchange with all of my friends we are planning. It is something we do every year and I am very excited. This is definitely my favorite holiday!” said Price.

The Lakeview community is super excited about Christmas Break and it is definitely one of the favorite holidays here at Lakeview High!