Bulldogs Take on Exam Time


Ella Chadwick, Writer and Reporter

For Lakeview high school students it’s that time of the year where they approach Christmas break; however, it is one of the most stressful times of the year. Before students can enjoy their break they have to make it through their difficult midterms and finals. Will they make it?

For most of the school they will be taking their midterms before the break which are 20% of their grade. For CCP students here at Lakeview many will be taking the finals for their semester classes. These assessments can make or break a student’s grade. 

Students begin preparing for these test weeks in advance because of all the material covered. This is an extremely important and stressful time for many students. These tests and projects that students are completing can make or break a students grade. 

Senior Alissa Brewer said, “I’m not super concerned about many of them, most of them are projects. I am most worried about my final paper for social problems because I’m not sure what I’m writing yet and it is worth 300 points.” 

Brewer hopes that an idea sparks and allows her to get one hundred percent on her final paper. Others are concerned over different midterms/ finals that are an actual test and not a paper or project. 

Junior Ellie Davies stressed her concerns about “college algebra because I’ve never been naturally good at math, and I feel like math is a very hard subject to study for.”

Davies showed her concern of having to study for math. Math can be a hard class to study because it makes these students look for practice problems and to figure out how to solve all different kinds of problems. This can be stressful with all the different chapters that are covered throughout the year. 

Being a student athlete can add on top of the stress that is already surrounding these students. They have to work hard on the court and go home and work just as hard to study and achieve the grade they are hoping for. 

Senior Kylie Schwartz is worried about timing. “Playing basketball during finals and midterms time is stressful. I have to go home after games and practices and still put in time and study to make sure I do well on these exams.”

Junior Aidan O’Rourke says, “I’m stressed about my algebra final. I’m worried about trying to find time to study. I plan to study whenever I have free time leading up to the exam but I’m not sure how much time that will be.”  

Many students have busy schedules with work and extracurricular activities. So these students look to study in any free time they can find. 

Senior Izzi Petrilla feels that “calculus is going to be my hardest because I am afraid of losing my 4.0. So I plan on studying a ton for this in hopes to get that A.” 

Finals and midterms really can make or break a grade and Petrilla is concerned that it might not work out for her. She is putting in all the time she can though to prove she is capable of achieving the A. 

These Bulldogs will continue to put in work until it’s time to take these exams. Good luck to all those taking exams. Study hard!