Shredding the Slopes With the Lakeview Ski Club


Mason Littleton, reporter

For years, the ski club has been a popular Lakeview winter activity. The students thoroughly enjoy the club, which takes place at Peek’n Peak in Clymer, New York. Everyone looks forward to their own personal interests for the upcoming ski club season, whether boarding, skiing, or socializing with friends.

Senior Rocco Ferraro a well-known snowboarder and avid member of the ski club can’t wait for the upcoming season.

Ferraro said, I’m looking forward to my senior year in the ski club and I am extremely excited for my final year as a senior in the club. Starting on the ski club was my first time ever snowboarding and I wasn’t great at first. I have improved in snowboarding so much since freshman year and I am so excited to shred the slopes with my boys.”

Although Ferraro is in the minority because there are only a handful of snowboarders in the club compared to skiers, this does not stop him from having a great time. The snowboarders can keep up with any skiers on the mountain.

Senior Luke Canzonetta really was looking forward to his first year of ski club, but the signup day had other plans.

Canzonetta states, “I really wanted to join the ski club this year but the signups weren’t lenient at all and if you weren’t able to show up on signup day you weren’t able to join. I had a college visit on the day of signups and wasn’t able to join, which is a real bummer because I wanted to for my senior year. I believe that if the ski club administrators were more lenient on the signup days they would get a lot more people on the team.”

Many people feel that ski club signups only being on one day is an extreme inconvenience and issue, and that it should be changed so more people can join the club.

Senior Aiden Schulman loves talking with his friends on the bus ride to Peek’n Peak, and he loves the friendships made in the club.

Schulman says, I am excited to chop it up with my boys on the bus ride to peak n peek. I really love how the ski club brings me and my friends together in a way that is non competitive and fun. I am so used to competing in sports like football, so it is fun to do a sport that doesn’t have any competition and you can just relax and have fun.”

The non competitive edge is what brings in most members of the ski club. Students just want to have fun and ski down the mountain with their friends without having to be competitive.

Lakeview math teacher Dean Shanower loves the ski club trips and has helped to oversee them for over fifteen years.

Shanower states, “As every year, I’m hoping for good conditions, and I am excited that our club is growing in size again. We used to take three buses for about 15 years and then our numbers dropped, but now we have increased to two buses which is a lot better than previous years. I am always looking forward to a fun and exciting ski season.”

The number of ski club members has been extremely low the past few years, but it appears the numbers are on the rise.

Senior Antonio Malone is extremely excited for his first year of ski club and his first time ever skiing.

Malone says, “I’m looking forward to learning how to ski and having fun with my buddies. I am super scared that I am going to break my leg or something, but I feel like the reward outweighs the risk. I am going to watch youtube videos on skiing techniques before I get my first lesson at the park.” 

Injuries are always a worry on the ski club, but students are able to overlook that and ski safely. Everyone is excited for the 2024 ski club season and they can’t wait to load the buses and shred the slopes.