Bulldogs Share Thoughts on Gifting


Cierra Davis, reporter

Christmas is already on its way this year. And do you know what that means? Time to go shopping for Christmas gifts for your family, friends and people you love.

Christmas is a traditional time for giving presents. And there are multiple reasons why individuals give during the holiday.

Some give gifts because of love and affection. People love receiving but they also love giving, to surprise and delight the ones they love. People love opening gifts to see the surprise beneath the colorful wrapping paper. But also the giver can feel happy as the person opens the gift with excitement. 

Thank you gifts play a big role. People use the Christmas holiday to say thank you to individuals for their efforts throughout the year. For example, people giving gifts to their teachers or delivery workers and thanking them for their services throughout the year. 

Religious context can also play a part in Christmas. Christians cite the Three Wise Men as the Biblical context for giving presents. This is because the Three Wise Men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Baby Jesus in the manger. So religious beliefs relate heavily to the action of gift giving. 

But out of most reasons for gift giving, the magic of Christmas nostalgia is the main one. The mood in the air, the Christmas cheer, the feeling kids get when they wake up and see gifts under the tree. That’s what makes a lot of people happy.

Taking into consideration this Christmas coming so soon, what is it that people want for Christmas? Or better yet do they like gift giving or gift receiving more, and what does it mean to them?

Lakeview senior Alissa Brewer said, “I like gift giving more than receiving because I like seeing people’s reactions and making them happy. I like gift giving because it shows my appreciation for other people in a way and I like surprising them.”

Another Lakeview senior Olivia Menz mentioned, “Christmas is about giving to others and spreading the holiday cheer. I prefer giving others gifts rather than receiving gifts because I like to see their reaction when they open their present. It can also be awkward when you don’t like a gift someone gave you and you have to act like you do. I don’t really have much I want for Christmas, I never really have any ideas. I usually just ask for money or gift cards from people. I love the spirit of Christmas and how it brings joy to those who celebrate.”

Lastly, Lakeview senior Aubree Rumancik says, “For Christmas what I’d like most is a ps5 so I could play the new remake of my favorite video game. I prefer gift giving because it makes me happier seeking out and having fun with getting gifts for loved ones and the reaction from them makes it ten times better. Gifts to me are a simple but heartfelt way to connect with somebody, regardless of how close your relationship with them is. Everyone is happy to receive a gift from someone in their life. In the end each side is happy so I love exchanging gifts.”

Many people love gift receiving rather than gift giving because they love watching the ones they love open a gift they got for them. 

While there are still people who love receiving gifts just as much. Maybe because it makes them feel loved that someone got something for them. Just like they would for someone else.

So this Christmas go out and make the best of the effort you can to show how much you appreciate the ones you love. Even if it’s just a card. It’s the thought that counts!