Bulldogs, Don’t Slip and Slide this Winter


Lola English, Reporter

Driving in winter can be a very scary and dangerous thing. There are many risks that come with driving in the snow and crashes are more likely to happen during these times.  Lakeview student drivers need to pay attention to not only how our vehicles react but also how other individuals’ vehicles react while driving on the ice, snow, sleet, or slush. Cars are often unpredictable and we can sometimes have no control over what happens. We need to be aware of our surroundings and practice safe driving techniques.

Senior Madison Bayus, who has been in multiple crashes, spoke on driving in the winter as “nerve-wracking and unpredictable. My car is also white on top of everything else so it can be hard to see when there is a lot of snow. I have an incline in my driveway that can also be hard to drive up.

This leads to the next point, driveways. Driveways are often easy to get stuck in when the snow starts to fall. This can result in individuals having to shovel their way out. Individuals who have an incline in their driveway or hill can find themselves rolling back down the hill which can be dangerous if there are oncoming drivers. Individuals with a flat driveway can slip trying to get to their spot. Both can result in your car even being sideways in your driveway which can be a very hard predicament to get yourself out of.

It is important to practice safe techniques. It is a good idea to try and keep your driveway shoveled to the best of your ability and keep salt on it to prevent ice and snow from piling up. If your wheels start to slip it is important to not keep hitting the gas as this can result in your car turning in different directions.

Coach Cameron Carson gave some tips for safe driving in the winter. “My tip would be to drive like there isn’t snow on the road. When people try to be extra when there is snow on the road they create more problems.”

Individuals can often find it tempting to whip their car around or do donuts on the road. This can be dangerous because you can not only injure yourself and your passengers but also other individuals on the road. Sometimes individuals go to empty parking lots to do donuts and this can be seen as trespassing which can be punished by law. It is safer for you and other individuals to be safe and not partake in these activities. We are not able to do them when there is no snow on the ground so we should not take the risk when there is snow on the ground.

Officer and S.M.A.S.H representative Brandon Rice gave some tips for safe driving in the winter, “People need to slow down and allow themselves more time to get where they’re going. So during wintery conditions, you’re not driving unsafe for the conditions.

It is important to make sure you have the proper equipment with you like an ice scraper, a small shovel, and kitty litter or salt for traction. It is important to get your tires checked to make sure that you have good tread for winter driving. It is important to scrape your windshield off before driving. Individuals tend to put their heat on full blast and drive before the whole windshield is cleared off. This can be a hazard as you may not be able to see all of your surroundings. It is also important to increase the distance between cars in front of you and add some more room so you can stop safely without sliding into them. It is also important to know not to slam on your brakes because stopping hard can cause you to slide and lose control.