Lakeview Fall Sports Officially Come to an End


Lexi Busefink, Reporter

All Lakeview sports that took place in the fall are officially over. Each sport had a successful season and ended with banquets to commemorate the accomplishments. Girls’ soccer had a banquet that the team, parents, and coaches all enjoyed,

Sophomore Ava Hipple, said, “I am so proud of how far we came this year and so happy we won districts.” 

The girl’s soccer team was very successful and went farther than in previous years. The banquet was all about celebrating the season, and it was exciting considering how much was accomplished this year. 

The banquet was at Dilucia’s and was decorated in school colors. Everything was nicely set up, and there was even a screen to feature pictures from the season. As everyone started to arrive, it was nice to talk and catch up. The banquet happened a couple of weeks after the very last game, so all the players finally got to see each other again. 

Senior Stasia Hall said, “I loved getting to see the underclassman again, it was nice to talk and laugh with each other again. It brought back memories from the season, but made me sad knowing this would be the last time we would all be together again.”

The banquet first started with everyone eating. Each table was dismissed to go eat a variety of delicious food. The players talked and sat with each other, as did the coaches and parents. 

After eating, it was time to look back at the season. The coach spoke about how proud she was of the team. She explained everything in the season, from June to November. She shared how hardworking this group of girls was, and was excited to see what next year would bring. 

After the coach recapped the year, the underclassman gave speeches to the upperclassman. Each senior was assigned a person that gave a speech about them. They all spoke about how the seniors each influenced them and acted as role models. This was emotional as the underclassmen were giving their final goodbyes to each senior. 

Senior Alex Piacquadio said, “I cried, it was so sad hearing Junior Olivia Easton say the impact I had on her. I am going to miss the underclassman so much.”

After the underclassman gave speeches about the seniors, it was time for the seniors to give out superlatives. This is a tradition at each banquet, and always brings laughs to the room. Some superlatives given were “most likely to make someone smile” given to Junior Olivia Easton. Another one was “most likely to fight someone on the field” given to Freshman Lili Smith. Lastly, “most likely to out run everyone” was given to Senior Stasia Hall. 

After superlatives were given out. The coach gave awards to the players. The coach recognized the letter winners and did it each year. She started with the first-year letters and worked her way up to the fourth-year letters. She even gave out special awards. 

Senior Eliza Farr, said, “I was honored to receive the most improved award. I joined soccer in my junior year, and I loved it so much. Each year I played I learned something different. I am so thankful for everything this team has given me.”

After varsity letters were given out, the coach recognized players that received district awards. This meant they would go even farther. Freshman Makenna Doran, Annabelle Humphrey, and Leah Clark all received a county award. Sophomore Ava Hipple received a district award, as did Junior Olivia Easton. Seniors Alex Piacquadio, Stasia Hall, and Lexi Busefink also received district awards. Lastly, Senior Eliza Farr received an academic award. 

All these players were honored to receive an award that recognized them as top players in the area. It is a huge accomplishment, especially for the underclassman, who will continue to work their way up and improve.

Senior Lexi Busefink will even go further than a district award and be recognized for earning a state award at the Columbus banquet. 

Overall, the players from freshmen to seniors all earned awards to recognize their abilities. The whole team was proud that they could win districts and so proud of the season they had. The banquet marked an official end to the 2022 girls’ soccer season.