Bowling Rolls Into a New Season


Stasia Hall, Reporter

As Cortland starts to head into the colder season, fall sports will come to an end and winter sports will rise. Winter sports consist of sports indoor because of the cold weather. Bowling is one of those sports that people enjoy. 

At Lakeview High School, we have a girls and boys competitive bowling team. The bowling team is a loved sport at Lakeview.

Right now, the boy’s team rolled onto a good start of 1-1. This year the boy’s team gained many new seniors to the team. 

Senior Stefanos Makroglou says, “I’ve never been a part of a bowling team before. I’m so excited to be involved this year! I got my two best buds, Brandon Fisher and Mason Littleton, playing with me. It’s always a good time with them. I’m intrigued to see how well we do this season! I hope we can live up to the expectations of last year’s senior, Charles Pawlosky.”

Makroglou really looks like up to Pawlosky. Makroglou says, “I hope to make it to state like Charles did, it would be an overall great experience.” 

The boy’s bowling team has high expectations from the previous season.

Another senior that recently joined that team was Senior Brandon Fisher. Fisher says, “I honestly joined the bowling team for a good time. Last year, the team had a good time and I wanted to be involved in that.”

Fisher is ready for the season and eager for the season to go on. Fisher says, “I think that we have a good team this year and I’m here to support them.” 

This year they got a new coach. Lakeview math teacher Dean Shanower is both the boys and girls head coach. He also coaches girls golf and JV baseball. So this will be a new transition for him. 

Coach Shanower says “I have a nice coaching staff. My first year of coaching was a pretty easy transition. A lot of coaches showed up and helped with the student’s technique. They always help make sure the student is prepared to bowl.”

Shanower is enjoying his time with the bowling teams and really appreciates everyone helping him transition into the coach position. He thinks that the bowling teams are going to have a successful season. But also a good time connecting with people on the way. 

The boys and girls team are having a good time bowling together.

The girls bowling team is just as successful as the boys team. 

Senior Ryleigh Ring says, “The Bowling Team is filled with positivity and great people all around.” 

Ring believes that this year will be successful because of the optimistic people on the team. 

A new senior that joined the bowling team is Senior Victoria Elser. This is her second season playing bowling and first year at Lakeview High School. 

Elser says, “The varsity girl’s team is very empathetic and definitely one of the best hype teams I’ve ever meant. They are a lot better than the other team I bowled for. Everyone is just so nice and outgoing.”

Elser thinks she had a smooth transition between schools, especially by the hospitality of the girl’s bowling team. 

The boys and girls have had a few bowling matches and will get continue to get better as they practice and have more matches. 

Last year, the boy’s bowling team made it to state! We hope to see them again at state! We wish them the best of luck this year! 

The 126 club is ready to support both girls and boys matches. There will be many students supporting, as well as parents that are wishing the Lakeview bowling team the best of luck!