Lakeview Students Plan New Beginnings


Izzy Haines , Reporter

As the 2022 year comes to an end people are starting to make their new year’s resolutions for 2023. Some people love the tradition of setting a goal each January 1st others would say it’s pointless considering most resolutions fail by March.

I asked a few students from Lakeview High School what some of their new year’s resolutions were and what they hoped for the upcoming year.

Senior Damien Natali shared some of the changes he hopes to make in 2023.

Natali states, “ I want to quit procrastinating because I always find myself stressing before the due date. This next coming year I hope to build better time management skills.”

This is a very good resolution for all students. Many students tend to procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get their work done. Looking toward the new year, students should take Natali’s resolution and make it their own.

There are many resolutions students can make for themselves such as going to sleep at a decent time, staying on top of their work, and studying harder.

Everyone should have a new year’s resolution to keep a goal for the new year. It’s good to change a bad habit at the start of a new year. Although, some resolutions don’t stay. People try for the first few weeks or even a month and then forget about it and go back to their old habits.

Students need to plan how they are going to stay consistent and keep their revolutions through the year.

Junior Ellie Davies is planning her new year’s resolution and how to stay consistent with it through the year?

Davies stated, “I want to start going to the gym. I hope to stay consistent in order to have good results.”

This is another fantastic resolution. Although every student should have resolutions for school there are also great ones you can make for your life out of school, such as Be more organized, Learn a new skill or hobby, or save more money.

Junior Hayden Bartram is also busy planning main goals for the year 2023.

Bartram declares, “I want to get better work habits for my upcoming senior season. I hope to have a very successful senior year.”

This is great, setting goals for the next year for sport is a terrific idea. Everyone can get better at something in a sport and working hard for it and staying consistent will give you a great outcome.

Resolutions at the beginning of each year may sound pointless to some people because some people do not stick with it. When a resolution is too big or not specific enough, it makes it easier for people to make excuses why they aren’t going to do it. So for example, say your resolution is to read everyday. That may sound scary and intimidating but if you break your goal down it will soon enough become a habit.

Your goal should start small so it is easier to complete day by day. Your resolution should be achievable and not make you feel intimidated to do it on a daily basis.

Finally, Junior Marina Sanders is going with the typical resolution and is already a little worried about being able to be consistent with her new year’s resolution.

Sanders said, “My new year’s resolution is probably like most people’s, to not procrastinate so much. It became a bad habit and I wanted to change it. Not sure how I’ll plan on staying consistent but it’ll definitely be a challenge.”

The Bulldog Bulletin hopes everyone stays positive and consistent to have the best 2023 they can have!!