Bulldog Department Creates Drama at Lakeview


Saige Muresan, reporter

It’s that time of the year again! The Lakeview Drama department shows off their new play: The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon! This fall of 2022 we have a cast and crew of 52 people, bigger than ever before! With months of practice and lots of time leading up to their big day, it was an amazing performance!

During these 6 weeks, you make new family members, not just friends but family. Not only do you learn about people during these weeks but also about yourself. We have created so many new memories and new things throughout the course of those 6 weeks. Many people such as senior Aylah Purdum definitely have a lot to say about this too.

Purdum states, “The most memorable moment for me was the very first drama meeting when me and some of the other leaders gave the introduction tour to the incoming freshmen. We have never had so many people that we had to split up into groups before, but we suddenly had three groups full of eager freshmen. It was so wonderful to see how much we had grown the program in the last four years, especially after having no one in 2020. I remember looking around at all the new faces and just being so excited for the energy and joy they would bring to the group this year and in future years after I’m gone. That was the day that I knew our fall play was going to be wonderful because we had such a large and amazing group of people.

The Drama Department makes an impact on so many kids and not many people even know that. Like I said previously you make a family and a home here. This program has grown so much with so many amazing new people. For the people who have been in it for a couple of years, we are more than thrilled to see how much the freshman love about this program. One freshman, in particular, is Emily Mazur.

Mazur says, “Seeing all my friends become more talented on and off the stage each night I saw them rehearse.

However, with all this, not many people understand the actual hardships of these productions. With the 6 weeks you have, you try to perfect every little thing that there is and remember all of your lines. This is not something easy especially when you have a life outside of school, a job, other activities, families, etc. It takes a lot of time away from your studying, but in the end, it is all worth it. Junior Saige Muresan is familiar with how much work it takes for not only the cast but the crew too.

Muresan addresses, “During my time here throughout the program it has been so fun but so hard at the same time. Throughout the years I have worked on both cast and crew. It is not just one person that makes the whole show, but all of us. Not many others would understand the amount of effort that goes into both. You have a limited amount of time 2-3 hours a night to understand what is going on until dress rehearsal week. On top of this, a lot of us have jobs and have to get our schoolwork done, but in the end, no one wants to complain. We are all very happy with what we do and what roles we have.

There is a lot more than just the shows that go into the Drama Department. As a group, they do a lot more stuff than people think. We get together have parties, decorate the auditorium for holidays, have movie nights, etc. It is not just about the performances but it is about the kids too.

All in all, this is a very talented group that puts a lot of time and effort into doing stuff they love to make it greater for all of us.