Lakeview Students Take On Winter Activities


Tyler Hovance, Reporter

Winter is in full swing and Lakeview students are very excited. It has not snowed yet, but once it does many students will be going outside to do different activities. Ice skating, playing in the snow, snow ball fights, sled riding, etc.

If you ever are bored in the winter, there are so many things that you could be doing. Lakeview High school will be out of school from Tuesday December 22nd till Tuesday January 3rd. In that long period of time there are so many fun activities you and your friends could be taking part in.

All over winter break, sports do not stop so whether it is a basketball game or a bowling match you could always root on your favorite team. This is a simple fun thing you and your friends could do during the winter especially winter break when you have tunes of down time.

According to Junior Jake Nicholas, “Sporting events are always something I like to go watch and cheer on. Without these sporting events going on I would have no clue what to do over winter break because I would be so bored.”

Another winter Activity you and your friends could take part in when there is snow on the ground is snow ball fights. These fun filled fights always pass time well especially when you can’t drive anywhere because there is snow on the ground.

Also when there is snow on the ground you could do something nice like shovel the driveway for your grandmother. Or even just go around your neighborhood with your neighborhood friends and shovel people’s driveways either for free or for money. Either way this is always a fun activity and will bring joy to the people whose driveways you shoveled.

Senior Andrew McRoberts says, “Last year me and my friends went around and shoveled people’s driveways for free. That day we shoveled 20 driveways and got 0 dollars but it was all worth it because of the smile on the people’s faces and the memories I made with my friends.”

If you are less of an outdoors person and like to stay inside where it is warm. You could always do something like read a book around the fire with a hot cup of coffee. This can always be a relaxing way to relieve stress especially when there is no sun out.

Junior, Marina Sanders says, ‘‘Reading by a fire can help my mental health any day of the week. Without the sun life is completely sucked out of me all the time.”

Spending time with family is also something you could do. A good activity you could be doing is sled riding. Sled riding is always a family favorite especially for younger kids and if some of you have younger siblings, taking them sled riding will make their days.

Junior Matt Siekel says, “I took my little brother sled-riding last year and I could never go down the hill because at the time I had a concussion but seeing my little brother’s huge smile as he went down the hill made my whole break.”

When you are really lazy though you could also enjoy a nice long nap or watching netflix. Both of these will have you refueled and ready to go for whatever life throws at you. Sometimes a good lazy day will flip your whole mood and make you so much happier.

So when you are sitting at home this winter break take the time to read this article whether it is by a fire or not. This will give you ideas and keep you not completely bored over the holidays. Have a great time with these activities but be safe with them to.