Bulldogs Take a Break


Ellie Davies, Reporter

Once the warm summer air that the students of Lakeview High enjoyed becomes brisk and chilly, they know that their winter break is just around the corner. 

Before winter break comes midterms. Students work especially hard this time of year so that they can ace those tests and relax for the next two weeks. Students at Lakeview High School put in focused time to ensure that their grades excel in order to truly enjoy their break. 

Though living in a small town where snow and cold bitter air resides may sound boring, there are many activities to enjoy.

I asked some students throughout the high school what their favorite activities were to do when they are on our two week break. 

Junior Elisa Kotsatos says, “My favorite thing about winter break is that I can relax and hang out with my friends. Having the ability to do my own thing everyday is something I enjoy.” 

Another great thing about Cortland is that there is Mosquito Lake. This lake has uses throughout all the four seasons. 

Junior Elizabeth Fazekas expresses that her family, “loves to go ice fishing when the lake has frozen over.

Many students also have fun over winter break by sledding on a large hill that comes off the lake. This hill is not only a favorite of students but a favorite of the citizens of Cortland as well.

Junior Izzy Haines states, “My favorite thing to do over winter break is to go sledding with all of my friends. We always have a great time and get hot chocolate after!

Though sledding and fishing are very fun, many students also enjoy other activities when they are on their break, like the ones that keep you from the cold. Winter break does not only consist of playing in the snow but also baking cookies, watching movies, watching Christmas lights, and so much more!

Fazekas informed that she enjoys driving around to look at Christmas lights. “I like to spend time with my family and this is a great way to do it. All of us enjoy driving around town in order to see all the colorful and sometimes elaborate displays. One of my favorite memories is driving around with my parents and brother on the first day of break, it made me excited for Christmas to come.” 

Junior Abby Sulc states her favorite thing to do on winter break is to bake cookies with her mom. “It’s just all around a good time,” she says, “baking with a Christmas movie playing in the background makes the experience. It has got to be one of my favorite things to do over break!

Then, there is the main attraction of Winter Break. Christmas! Everyone loves Christmas: the food, the smells, the presents, etc. It’s a great time for family and friends to get together and celebrate. You also get to give family and friends and teachers something that lets them know you appreciate them. 

Junior Lillian McCarthy claims that she loves winter break because of Christmas. “I love getting to see my family that comes from out of state for the holidays. I also love getting to open presents and gifting my friends and family something special.” 

The holiday season is a season in which you are supposed to have fun and be surrounded by the people you love most. Winter break is the best way to do it! Winter Break is a time for smiles, cheer, and joy!