Top Dog 2023: Erica Giesey


Tara Lytle, Reporter

Senior Erica Giesey is approaching the end of her high school career. Giesey has not always attended Lakeview schools, but she has been here since 4th grade and has made a ton of friends. Giesey is nervous to start the next chapter of her life, but will always remember Lakeview as one of her homes. 

Giesey states, I will never forget the first pep rally during my freshman year. Walking down the hall behind the band and getting ready to celebrate being a Bulldog was a great feeling. I remember being so excited to go to the football game with my best friends.”

There are many things Erica will cherish as she leaves this part of her life behind. She says “I will miss my best friends seniors Emma Schmader and Sydney Peterson the most.”

She also says she will miss the teachers that have been a part of her life for so long.

She says, “Mrs. E. Wilson was one of the best teachers I ever had. She knew how to make class enjoyable while still learning a lot. I was able to have a study hall with her my 8th grade year and she was always there to talk to if I was struggling.”

Throughout Giesey’s years of high school, she has played volleyball, done ski club, and participated in NHS. She has taken college classes and is proud of how she kept her grades high. Giesey has changed from the four years and is definitely not the same person who came in here freshman year. 

Giesey says, ¨I think I have matured a lot over the last four years. I have had a lot of personal issues the last year and a half and school became a safe space for me.¨ She has gone through a lot, but school has taught her a lot of life lessons that she will continue to carry with her throughout school. 

¨I have learned to never judge anyone. Being in high school you see people making fun of others or just being rude. You never know what someone is going through or how their life is outside of school. It is very important to be nice to everyone you’re surrounded by,¨ says Giesey.

Giesey went through school during the Covid-19 years and has specifically said that her junior year was her favorite because it was the first normal year of high school. Covid ruined a lot of things but Giesey made every moment worth it. 

Throughout Giesey’s years she had people impact her life and make her days. She says, ¨One of the people who have impacted my life the most during high school would be Dino Haidaris. We have always had similar schedules in middle school and high school. He always knows how to make people laugh. He would be the first person I would ask if I had a question about school. He has always been a great friend and got me through a lot of hard school days!¨

As Giesey leaves Lakeview she will always be a Bulldog. She will remember every memory she made. ¨I am proud that I go to a school with such high standards. I always feel the need to push myself in my classes and do the best I can.” 

Giesey is planning on attending college after high school. She has been accepted into Ohio University, Miami, and Pittsburgh. They are all fantastic colleges, but she is leaning more towards Ohio University.  ¨I am planning on majoring in marketing to get my MBA in Sales to become a Sales Representative.¨ she says. 

Good luck to Senior Erica Giesey as she is preparing for her future!