Chronister family welcomes new baby

Catie Bugos, Editor

With a new year here, new challenges, unexpected tasks, and different experiences arise. For 8th grade social studies teacher, cross country coach, and assistant softball coach, Scott Chronister and his wife, Stephanie Chronister, this involves adopting a baby. The couple adopted Prescott Grey Chronister into their family on August 21st. As a well loved teacher and coach, Chronister is very excited to take on another role, as a father. He can no longer stick to “me o’clock” and must focus on his family. Chronister says choosing adoption was the “best possible kind of change.” He even learned a thing or two from his own father. He says, “ My dad always told me nothing will humble you faster than your own children.”

His wife, also a teacher, is off work until November, so Chronister has reluctantly been getting pretty consistent sleep. Not sure how long that will last with his tight schedule. Instead of changing diapers he says he chooses to “specialize in protective cream application and hazardous waste removal.” Whatever way he chooses to think, he is inevitably going to change plenty in the next few years.

Chronister is already a father figure to plenty of students at Lakeview, so he does not see a change in his relationship with his students now that he is a dad. He says, “I’m me and that’s all I know how to be.”

What Chronister did not know was how much babies actually move. He says, “I assumed that I was getting a bag of sugar for two months.” Being around kids all day, he is always learning new dance moves, so it is not a surprise that baby Prescott can dab. Chronister is continuing to learn more and more everyday.

After finding out about the new baby, the Lakeview softball team decided to pay a visit to baby Prescott and see just how adorable he really is. Junior, Avrey Steiner says, “I’m so happy for the Chronisters and can’t wait to see him grow up to be a bulldog. I’m thrilled to see him wear Lakeview across his chest at all our softball games.” Although Chronister prefers Prescott to be a Bulldog, their location and situation may lead him to be one of the Champion Flashes.

Students are eager to see their coach change and experience such a life changing adventure. Junior, Tori Wells says, “I’m excited to see how he handles coaching and being a dad at the same time. Also, how his personality changes as well as his stress levels.” On behalf of his wife and new son, Chronister is blown away by the number of kind and generous people who have expressed congratulations and bought gifts.