2023 Seniors Ready to Hear the Final Bell


Tara Lytle, Reporter

The second semester has begun and seniors are really anxious for this last bit of high school. 

The seniors last homecoming has already happened, they have had the senior sunrise, and they have completed some classes already. Seniors still have a lot to look forward to. Prom is around the corner, winter wonders, and the end of high school is approaching fast. 

Many students are feeling stressed as their last semester is here and they have a lot to do. Many  are taking hard classes and feel the pressure to do well this final semester. 

Senior Emma Schmader says, “This last semester of high school is making me cherish every moment I get. This is my last semester with some of my friends and I will not take anything for granted. I feel like high school has flown by and I am so thankful for all of the friends I have made throughout this part of my life.”

Some upcoming graduates are staying in the area and going to get a job right away outside of high school.

Senior Hayden Rozzo, who is planning to enter the union for HVAC, said, “The last semester of high school came super fast and I am very excited about it ending. I’m excited to start my new life and get away from all the madness that is involved with high school. I am ready to start my job and move on from this chapter of my life.”

Many are planning on going to college and moving away from home soon. 

Senior Dino Haidaris says, “I am feeling very optimistic about college and excited for my future. I am very ready for school to be over, I am not very stressed at the moment but I am definitely feeling like a senior.”

Senior Aiden Schulman said, “I am very ready to move on from high school. I am ready to live with my friends after high school and I plan on getting a good job during this summer.” Schulman plans on getting a good paying job this summer as he has never been able to because of football. He is very excited to start this new chapter of his life. 

Senior Erica Giesey says, “I am very nervous about graduating this year, but I am very excited to start a new chapter of my life. I plan on attending college at either Ohio University or Miami University, either one would make me have to move away and away from all of my friends and family. It is very scary to think about but I am very excited to get away on my own.”

The 2023 seniors are super excited to be done with high school, and they are very thankful that Lakeview High gave them the experience they needed.

This is the seniors last semester of high school and it is really taking a toll on some. It will be their last in high school as the basketball season is coming to an end and winter wonders will be coming up soon. Good luck to the 2023 seniors!