Bulldogs Ring in 2023


Lola English, Reporter

Goodbye 2022 and hello 2023. While 2022 had its ups and downs, everyone pushed through to make it where we are today. The seniors at Lakeview High School are on the edge of their seats waiting for graduation which is right around the corner. After 2023, the seniors graduating year comes into view they realize things are starting to get serious. Some may even create resolutions based on college while some may even have some senioritis.

Senior Maddie Bayus says, “This year is going to be a completely different experience as we all move away from each other and start separate lives. I am very excited about what the future may hold and I’m very excited to get out of high school and into the new year. Some resolutions I have for myself include deciding on the college I want to attend and once getting to that college making new connections with new people, focusing on the career that I want to pursue, and making sure I continue to get good grades and take care of myself.”

With the new year rolling in many people partake in a very popular and common tradition: New Year’s resolutions. Many believe that these resolutions are pointless because no one actually sticks with them. Contrastingly, there are a handful of people who follow through with their resolutions. Following through with resolutions can create a happier and healthier lifestyle for certain individuals, boost self-confidence, and it can be a good feeling to actually fulfill a resolution.

There are many different types of resolutions. There are the most common ones we hear such as going to the gym, eating healthier, trying more in school to get better grades, and focusing more on yourself. Then there are more specific resolutions that individuals make pertaining to their lives such as fixing or working on a certain relationship, gaining more confidence, or something pertaining to mental health. The opportunities to create one or two resolutions are endless.

Senior Dino Haidaris explained his resolutions, “I want to be more easygoing and more willing to go with the flow. This is something that I need to work on and I feel that doing so will allow me to venture out and enjoy my day-to-day life more. This would be an advantage with graduating and moving on and going into college. I am excited to see what this year has to bring because it will be very different transitioning from high school to college.”

A lot of resolutions from the students at Lakeview high school pertain to working harder to finish the school year out and to get better grades. Working harder to get better grades and to stay focused in school creates a better work ethic and prepares individuals for college and the work world. It is never too late to try to better your motivation or to work towards getting better grades and other goals.

Assistant Principal Michael Detoro said, “I think New Year’s resolutions are specifically advantageous for our student body, especially for those individuals who maybe didn’t come out of the gates of the school year meeting up to their highest potential. It gives those students a chance to restart the year and tackle some of the disadvantages they had at the beginning of the year. Anecdotally, I make goals for myself. As a parent, I don’t have a lot of free time and my New Year’s resolution is to get through 2 books a month.”

There is nothing wrong with failing to complete a resolution you created as we set goals for ourselves all throughout the year, we just do not call them resolutions. We don’t need a new year to set a goal to better ourselves. We at Lakeview high school wish everyone the best in 2023!