Top Dog 2023: Samantha Capps


Marina Sanders, Reporter

As the school year starts dwindling down, senior Samantha Capps is trying to cherish every moment she has left as a senior at Lakeview. Capps has not always attended Lakeview High School though. Her whole life she lived in sunny Florida. While Capps is ready and excited to start a new chapter of her life but she’ll miss Lakeview.

Capps says, “I want to stay in the area and attend YSU for academics for now but I want to pursue my major in aerospace or petroleum engineering in  Florida because I grew up there my whole life and I miss the weather.” 

Though there are many memories Capps will always remember, like homecoming, her favorite will always be “during marching band. I loved doing the victory march after winning. It brought everyone together and I loved seeing the joy on others faces.” 

High school was fun for the most part, but there were many obstacles Capps had to overcome. The main obstacle was transferring to Lakeview during Covid and everyone was online. She always told herself to not be scared when moving to a new, bigger school.  Other than that, being shy and unmotivated to do school work was another obstacle Capps had to go through.

Throughout Capps’ high school career she has done marching band all three years she’s been at Lakeview. She also has taken college classes that she says, “helped prepare me for college and I know what to expect and I can take fewer classes in college since I did them in high school.”

If Capps could re-do a school year, she would choose sophomore year. She says, “I slacked off a lot that year and had no motivation to do any school work.”

But she met her best friend junior year, Clo Wagner. She states, “Clo helped me out of my shell and learned to not care what others thought about me because I’m proud to be who I am.” Moving away for college, Capps will really miss Clo and all of her other friends and family as well.

Capps says she will also miss her favorite teacher Maureen Bucko. She says, “Miss Bucko is one of those teachers you can tell anything to and will never judge you and she will always help. I love being one of her students and she really made her class more enjoyable and will always be my favorite class.” 

When asked what advice to get to younger students, Capps explained, “Always ask for help whether you think you’ll be embarrassed or not. I never did and I fell behind most times and to never let anyone tell you who to be.”

With this, Capps loved being a Bulldog and will always be a Bulldog, no matter how far life takes her and where she ends up. She reveals, “I hopefully want to be pursuing my Phd in engineering in five years and in ten, to be financially stable, living on my own, and having a good career.” 

But she couldn’t have done any of it without her dad who is her role model. She states, “He was always my biggest supporter and knew I was capable of anything if I just set my mind to it. He always knew I struggled with lack of motivation but never lost faith in me.” 

While Capps will always cherish and hold memories from Lakeview High school, she’s excited to start her new adventure after graduation. But for now, Capps has to finish her senior year strong and make it a year to remember.

Best of luck to Senior Samantha Capps!